World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.

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A milestone of id technology

Über-awesome game! Nuff said.

Didn't get far in this game, but it was fun up until I couldn't figure what to do. However, that was a long time ago. Time to boot 'er up again!

This is a review coming from 2017, over a decade after it's release.
Considering the limitations at the time and the current games out then, this gets my 10.
It's still one of the best games I've ever played, and its standalone multiplayer, enemy territory, also gains my 10.
Beautiful, and ever fun to play.

Just don't give it to the kids.


Top 2 games ever with ET

Best game4ever !!! Classic ...


I love this game.

Great gameplay + absolutely unique atmosphere + nice plot = classic forever!


A classic shooter and gem of the FPS genre! UBER awesome game with a nice story and environments that allow the shifting between stealth killing and aggresive shooting of nazis and other enemies!


skatos says

Agree Disagree

While it has suprisingly impessive graphics for its time, it is also made by the redneck rampage/kingpin life of crime devs which means unfair level designed unbalanced damage system and cheap deaths.

The devs couldnt decide between oldchol and reallistic, so while you are not aiming down the sights and fight big tought enemies, moving fast means you gonna have to use your stamina by sprinting, weapons have recoil, you cant aim with a scope unless you completly stop moving and there is scope sway.

At one hand you have human enemies that die are you, then you got undead and big super soldiers that the only way of beating them is cheating or exploting the ai due to the fact the amount of damage they output is far higher than what you can possibly cause them and since you cant avoid their attacks you will die before managing to kill them.

The weapons being relatively innefective against them apart from the venom gun make this worse.

The venom gun is a mingun with very limited ammo, so you save it for them, the rocketlauncher is useless , the flame thrower has very short range and since you die fight by gunfire and like every flamethrower it takes time to kill an enemy, it is relatively innefective and you better off using guns, the tesla gun also has slow range and when acquired you are up against super soliders to which it is useless.

Other weapons like the dual pistols are pointless since they do as much damage and have the same capacity as the pistol, but use the rare 45 ammo. So you better off using the tommy gun. The silencer is pointless for the pistol since by that time you get a silenced smg which does alot of damage but overheats fast. A ka98 without a scope is crap, with a scope it does more damage and the semi auto rifle is vastly superior.

Aside from that there are a few crappy stealth levels and the later parts of the game are repetive bunkers but the last parts of the game are a very padded out undergound area that offers nothing new or interesting.

In the end the sp is fun for a few hours but really drops the ball later on in every way possible the multiplayer is much better but no one plays.

Vastly overrated game.

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