First there was the disaster at the mansion lab. Umbrella Corp. developed the T-virus, a mutagenic toxin for use in biological weapons. After breaking loose, living things mutated into all sorts of decaying creatures. The case was eventually closed, but Umbrellas experiments were far from over. Now it's the worst possible nightmare: a new virus runs rampant. All Raccoon City is infested. Blood-thirsty zombies, hideous mutations now overwhelm the community. When Leon and Claire arrive in town their nightmare in town is just beginning...You now control their destiny. If the suspense doesn't kill you...something else will.

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awesome game

Resident Evil 2 is still the most loved title of all the series.RE4 and 5 Don't have nothing on RE2.

One of the best game i ever played

The perfect game. I played it on the Nintendo 64, and I loved it.

There is nothing I can say without being nostalgic and a fanboy :) . I will only say that this game, along with Resident Evil 1 are some of the first, and very best, horror games out there. If you like horror, riddles, good story (and don't mind the old graphics), then you must play RE2. For the ones who can wait, Capcom is remaking RE2, but, it would be nice to have played the original so you can compare.

Easily a 10/10.

Not just zombie and mutated dogs, this game put you into different situations and let you meet a whole new level of nightmare. Argh, that licker in the first part of the game was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in Playstation games. It was enough to let me stop playing Playstation for a week.


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