Created in homage to Populous, Reprisal lets you take control of a tribe, guiding them, building land and making them grow in number. Using special totem powers you can control nature itself unleashing its full fury on anyone that stands in your way. But be warned, other tribes may not take too kindly to your intentions and will put up a fight! Desktop edition includes: Enhanced full stereo chip tunes to nod along too, Unlock-able challenge islands, Offline local storage and Enhanced full screen display features! It also includes a full standalone PC installer and Mac App version. Includes 'The Making of Reprisal', a 38 page digital book charting the highs and lows of over a years development! ★★ ★★

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This is certainly the best indie game I've ever played.

Reprisal is as addicting as it is shallow. Both attributes are blatantly prominent in this simple RTS. Even though it has as little depth, the game had a surprisingly tight grasp on my attention while the campaign lasted. I liked it, but cannot rate it higher than 5 out of 10 due to the bland gameplay. Graphics are equally bland, but I did not deduct any points for this because the retro-style actually adds to the charm of the game. The main fault of the gameplay is the fact that the strategy for each level in the campaign never deviates from "flatten as much land as possible to create as many castles as possible, then attack." The game has no draw to bring me back; Reprisal simply has no staying power. I can only recommend this game for an addicting but short-lived casual RTS experience.

Lovely game; simple without being dull, love the art style and surprisingly addictive!

coolest indie game ever

Based on the web version, it looks like a fun game. Could use a button to skip tutorial. Might have been one, but I didn't find it.

I liked the web version, so I bought it for Linux. I did not realize until trying to install that it was an Adobe AIR installation. AIR is defunct, and no one has ported a later version than 2 years ago to Linux. I can usually find very good Linux games, with great support. This was severely disappointing. When your Linux install no longer functions or is installable, it isn't right to still have up the download.

I do not recommend any other Linux user downloads. I will check back. When or if this changes and becomes usable, I will change my rating.

Looks simple but can really test your strategic vision. Loved it!

Awesome, awesome game and a must have for all RTS fans.

This homage to Populous is just what I wanted. Excellent job.

Small and casual, Populous like game. Must have for all Populous fans.

Loved Populous back in the day and this has given an old fav a new lease of life.

Lovely game, like an unofficial sequel to Populous.
Plenty of levels and different powers to try out with a pleasing chiptune soundtrack.
Only complaints are that terraforming the land can be a bit fiddly sometimes and the graphics are a bit too simple meaning that it's not always quite clear what's going on.

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