You are Parker, a weary miner who works for the corrupt Ultor Corporation. You reside on Mars, sometime in the future, and when a plague spreads through the mining community, some of the Ultor employees uncover a massive conspiracy. Thus ensues a battle by a group of lowly workers, headed up by the educated Parker, to expose the deadly experiments Ultor has unleashed onto its work force.

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Aug 26th, 2014

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Jul 27th, 2014

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8 SaigOmaristos

May 31st, 2014

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9 Filium101

Jan 21st, 2014

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8 MandoManhunter374

Mar 18th, 2013

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Mar 4th, 2013

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9 e-linkk

Jan 14th, 2013

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9 XF-Alien

Oct 2nd, 2012

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Sep 16th, 2012

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Jan 29th, 2012

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