Red Eclipse is a fun-filled new take on the first person arena shooter, featuring parkour, impulse boosts, and other tricks.

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Dj_MartinMan says

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i rate this 10/10but it says 8 because im a new memeber but this looks absolutley amazing by the graphics and the quality of wepons bye bye call of duty hello red eclipse


This game is great. It's fast and fun mutiplayer shooting action :D
The graphics and style are ok ... :)

Red Eclipse, being currently much more active then Sauerbraten. I love living on the bleeding edge and enjoying the new features coming in regulary, such as vanity-items just being introduced.
That's why I recommend to any1 that is interested in development to get the subversion versions.(although these versions sometimes have serious bugs and you can join few servers in svn)
But still if you don't you can play a wonderful game. Fast paced, well worth the download.

Great game! But is there a way to remove bots?

Incredibly fast pased and intense shooter. I't would be interesting if they add a single player campain, more weapons (maybe even customizable), a customizable character (or even just have the ability to earn points to get comsetic gear for character) these are just some interests I would like to see in this game take advantage of since it plays very well. Peformance wise, it is smooth, very little to no glitches or lag, I run a very low performance rig and it's running like butter for me. More so than any game, though many may say it's graphics aren't that good I halfway agree. graphics are simple, they look really good and are not a complete eyesore, shadows fit and look good and lighting is well leveled, weapons look interesting though I wish there was more in variety in weaponry, there is a good amount but there are only a few super unique weapons, other than that you have the same old weapons like pistol, uzi's, shotguns, and rifle. Though I really like how every weapon has a second ability, and the effects are well done. The amount of match types and the combonation of types make matchmaking interesting and fun. Gameplay is insanely fun, the characters movements are very nice and the variety on dashing makes manuvering fun, effective and even risky at times. the wall running is a little buggy or just really tricky to master, though I see very interesting uses for wall run/kicking. not really any melee unless you have a sword, could use a weaker melee that might push or stagger opponent, that would be interesting. no real tutorial, that I have found, if there isn't there should, it would help knowing what you can and are unable to do before jumping into matchmaking. the level building is interesting to say the least, I haven't played with it much, though it may be really fun making a level others might battle on. nothing really else to say except. performance:10/10 graphics:7/10 gameplay:8/10 final 9/10 an awesome game with high replayability. Ninjaman144 out.

Not the greatest graphics or biggest range of weapons, but damn this is one awesome, fun game that i can't stop playing. The map editor is also, although simple, is great fun to mess around with.


This is a truly innovative and generally great arena shooter. I haven't player another arena shooter since finding this.

Why? It breaks many tropes of conventional arena shooters, like bunny hopping (parkour is the replacement!), strafejumping (fastest way to move is forward) and grenade jumping, all of which were originally bugs in Quake.

In breaking these tropes, it adds many cool features of its own like the aforementioned parkour which completely changes the flow of the game.

It creates a better, more fun, more competitive arena shooter. I wish the best for Red Eclipse, the only innovator and moderniser in the genre. A task it performs very successfully of course, because it is a great game and is absolutely worth the 10/10 rating.

Red Eclipse is a fun, fast, and gorgeous first person shooter. The map editor is also enjoyable, efficient and versatile, letting you cooperate on-line with friends. The game is free, multi-platform and open-source with a receptive, genuine and rewarding community.


Sincerely, Jeremy, the unicorn.

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