Red Alert: A Path Beyond brings the exciting storyline and epic clashes from the classic Westwood Studios game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert to realm of first person shooters, with a twist. We've remained loyal to the style and feel of the 1996 classic, while integrating content from its expansions Counterstrike and The Aftermath with a bit of updated history to add to the mix. Built off the W3d engine Westwood Studios built for classics such as Earth & Beyond and Command & Conquer: Renegade finished up in 2001, we help bring the fight to you as you play out your role as any one of a number of infantry classes participating in team-based combat that often involves land, sea, and air combined-arms clashes that just don't happen in any other game. Oh, and did we mention it is FREE?

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I want to blow bridges if possible in gamma. Play the Map A Path Beyond for RA: Retaliation map 55 ( i think ) blow the bridge too long.


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Chronojam Author

That bridge begins the round fully intact :)

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The explosions are awesome!

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Note: It seems like the volume was decreased a lot during processing, so turn up your sound.

A medium tank and a heavy duel across a wide river while inbound artillery from both sides rages overhead to soften up attackers and score hits on each other base's repair facilities. Recorded unedited & unscripted during RA:APB Gamma testing on the new map Guard Duty.

Meanwhile, each team independently gets the idea to sneak a combination of tanks and a minelayer into the enemy base at the same time (battles taking place to the upper right and left side of the main focus).

Guard Duty is a Tech Level 3 map slated for inclusion with the next version of APB.

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