What happened in the aftermath of Red Alert 3? Find out in four all-new campaigns in Red Alert 3: Uprising. With the Allies triumphant at the end of Red Alert 3, the occupation of their former enemies territories has begun. But how will the defeated Soviets react to this occupation and the presence of FutureTech, the mysterious company contracted by the Allies to develop new technologies in the Soviets homeland? How will the humiliated Empire of the Rising Sun rise up and defend itself against the former Soviet commanders who have invaded their territory in a post-war land grab? How will the Allied occupational forces quash the uprising of the former Imperial commanders? And who is the mysterious Yuriko Omega? What events led her to become the telekinetic, psychic school girl?

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Features of RA3: Uprising

Features of RA3: Uprising

Nov 12, 2009 Article 0 comments

Features of the expansion titled Uprising. Warning: you can buy it and download it only! (No DVDs.) Stand-alone, but without the multiplayer mode!

Red Alert 3: Uprising
Windows, X360, PS3
Developer & Publisher
Electronic Arts
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Released Mar 2009
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