Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, brings Westwood Studios' popular real time strategy game, C&C: Red Alert 2 into the FPS pespective, using the w3d engine. You will be able to experience, first hand, what it feels like to fill the boots of an Allied GI battling the communist might of the Soviet Union, or a Soviet Conscript vowing to take back what was lost to the Allies during the first great war. Classic units return such as the versatile Allied IFV to the mighty Soviet Apocalypse Assault Tank to the gargantuan Allied Aircraft Carrier to the mad Giant Squids. This game features all of the units and structures for the Allied and Soviet sides from both RA2 and the Yuri's Revenge Expansion. The Apocalypse is Rising Commander. Are you prepared for it? (Credit goes to everyone who has donated and contributed to this mod. We shall not let you down).

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This halloween we have a big update including the new sniper rifle, chrono miner logic info and the one and only Fort Bradley map remake

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It's been a long time since we had an update as we were busy making sure Reborn got released and as that is done now we can work on AR again. In this blog we have a new AWP model for the allied sniper to show off.

Model and texture made by Romanov.

dtrngd has been working on the map Fort Bradley:

We also have launched a competition for the community to design a building for AR called the Reinforcement Bay.

For full blog content, more information and contest rules check the forums and blog

That's it for this update, be sure to keep following us here, on our site, Facebook and Twitter!


Dat sniper rifle and DAT New York! Great work!

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good work.... but the engine needs a serious facelift :/

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Really, it does.

I'd love to see the C&C community band together and get their own RTS/FPS hybrid engine going, it could use classic C&Cs as a template for a lot of features like terrain , environments, and construction, and well, Renegade didn't really break any new ground, let's be honest. I think a C&C FPS would play better if it wasn't like UT with all the rampant bunnyhopping.

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moonsense715 Creator

How about good news for both of you:

First, we are not using the renegade engine anymore and are upgrading to fancy graphics slowly right now.

And secondly, there's no bunnyhopping in Apocalypse Rising, since I made it so :)

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I agree to 100%!

We got plenty of tallents in the community. I mean seriously, just look at all the mods and indies done! What we lack is engines. Sure UE3 is great with Renegade X. But there are no proper engine for more modern stand alone RTS games. Thats the only thing holding us back. If this was accomplished... Just imagine the possibilities.

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Endless possibilities...

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This looks insane !
I am uninformed so this may sound as a dumb question,but will be possible to pilot Kirov ? And will aircraft have cockpit view ?

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One_Winged_Angel Creator

It'll be possible to fly a kirov yeah, but there's not going to be a cockpit view, since it'll make the bombs hard to aim.

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I meant all aircraft in game,since it would be easier to aim with Harriers and Siege Choppers from cockpit perspective...
I sincerely hope you guys will change your minds at some point in future and add this feature for all those fans hungry to experience RA2 aircraft to the max.Cheers.

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