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Recruits is a squad based top down shooter. Inspired by games like Cannon Fodder, Alien Swarm and Jagged Alliance Recruits puts players on the front lines of the battlefield to accomplish your missions through any means necessary. Fast paced and packed with explosions, Recruits offers a wide variety of features that allow you, and your friends to take command of the action and lead your men to victory.

As players progress through the game they will gain ranks and respect amongst their fellow soldiers, giving them bonus abilities, unlocked items and perks to better defeat their enemies. The main aim for the player is to complete their missions and gain as many kill points as possible. The higher the rank of the player, the more efficient soldier they are, giving the team a better chance of surviving the missions and ultimately the war.

In each level, players will have to move out, saving POW's and civilians, avoiding traps, searching out and killing Enemy Soldiers, destroying enemy buildings and vehicles in order to safely get extracted from the battlefield.

Recruits is an action packed Top Down Shooter that will deliver you and your friends to the front lines of brutal combat situations.

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Hi everyone.

We are happy to announce that Recruits is now available to Steam Early Access!

If you have bought the alpha already you can get your Steam Key on Desura and Indiegamestand right now. People who bought the game through Groupees will be able to get keys in a couple of hours.

You will need to go to your Collection page ( There, you can locate your game and click on the link labeled 'keys' next to it. A window will pop up and provide you with your Steam Key.

Loginto your Indiegamestand account and navigate to your wallet. There you should find your Steam Key.

Groupees Keys are all ready to go now - log into your Groupees profiles, you will see a key under the Build a Greenlight Bundle tab.

We hope everyone enjoys the Early Access of Recruits as much as we do and we hope you leave as much feedback as possible. We are working on getting the Desura version up and running for those Desura players, but this may take some time as our team is VERY small and we need to devote a large chunk of development towards this.

Follow us on:
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Thanks for your support!

Recruits - Development Log #4

Recruits - Development Log #4

News 1 comment

We have some images and gif's of new features we are adding across the levels of Recruits and especially for the multiplayer map on Steam.

Recruits - Forum DevLog #3

Recruits - Forum DevLog #3

News 2 comments

Development Log No.3 for Recruits on the Road to Steam Early Access.

Recruits - Steam Early Access Teaser

Recruits - Steam Early Access Teaser

News 7 comments

We have just released a video showing off some of the content that will be in the Early Access build on Steam for 2014.

Recruits - Discourse Forums

Recruits - Discourse Forums

News 0 comments

Recruits is now using a new style of Forum called 'Discourse'

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Chopper Pickup - Wallpaper

Chopper Pickup - Wallpaper

Wallpapers 6 comments

1920x1200 Wallpaper of Choppers in Recruits (not game camera).

Recruits Alpha Demo

Recruits Alpha Demo

Demo 0 comments

This demo includes 2 of the missions from the full version alpha. Many features and bug fixes are missing in this demo but it's main purpose is to give...

Tank Battles - Wallpaper

Tank Battles - Wallpaper

Wallpapers 0 comments

1920x1080 Wallpaper of Tanks in Recruits (not game camera). Our Blog

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*Gameplay + AI:
- My squad can absorb a huge amount of bullets before going down while the enemies drop like flies with a few hits.
- The shotgun could function as a sniper rifle, I could snipe enemies with it from meters away.
- It is a good thing that ammo is scarce; hence most of the time, I just use the AKs; anyway in a long mission (presumably available in final built), I would expect somewhere to resupply - heli drops, base...
- Enemies can shoot my squad from off-screen. You guys may want to add a zoom-in/zoom-out camera mode.
- The objectives are similar to each other with just 1 main goal: wiping out the enemy.
- Some suggestions for later in development: A cover system, soldier stance (crouching, lying, standing), sprint ability.
- AI: Enemies usually charge right into my squad line of sight instead of flanking. Moreover, they don't have the ability to throw grenade; this make them look like target practice.
- Squad mates don't know how to throw grenades either, they rarely go so far from the leader.
- Hey, this sounds stupid but well: I'd love to have a long mission (large map) with multi-objectives - A base of operation you can run back to resupply or hide from enemy pursuit (of course the base is guarded by friendly NPCs), at 1 point you have to rescue and escort POWs back to base; at another, you have to defend the base, etc. From the base, you attack and seize other camps, assist NPCs' advance, achieve objectives... Sounds damn too much for an indie game, right? But I'm willing to pay more for this, lol.
- It's in Nam so, Huey choppers and airstrike would be awesome.

*Sound effect:
- Gun does not have distinctive sounds, even the tank cannon does not sound powerful when firing.
- In-game shouting: Take cover, flank them, medic, I'm dying or simply painful screaming are all welcomed.
- Footstep sound - I'm not sure though.
- Music, music, music.

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**Feedback time:

* Performance issue:
- At the first time I ran the game, my CPUs were put to limit (100% usage) as well as RAM as the game engine started. After 1 minute, I tried to close the game but my computer jumped to blue screen before I could do so, thus restarting the OS.
- During the game, the CPUs usage is quite high as well, I can even hear the constant sound of the cooling fan. Notice that normally I could play Skyrim or Saints Row The Third with high setting smoothly.

- The graphic option does not offer all screen resolution. Every time I apply a new resolution, the game changes to windowed mode; then if I apply the resolution again, it switch back to Full screen mode.
- Pausing the game and choosing Option does not work - the Option menu does not pop out.
- The menu is still quite simplified. Anyway, it would become better when the game is released hopefully.

*Graphics + Animation + Physics:
- The movement animation is... clumsy, I feel like my squad is walking through a swarm.
- The death animation/physics is so satisfying, especially when blowing enemies off with grenade or tank cannon.
- Though the graphic is fine, I find it not very detailed when looking closer.
- When I destroy huts, some of its fragments do not disappear after a while; instead, they spin around endlessly - quite funny.
- I would be nice if the soldiers fly into the air when blown up with body parts go all over the place.
- Occasionally, blowing up one barrel does not make the barrels right next to it blow up - I love the domino effect.
- It seems that trees can not be blown up.
- I wonder whether or not it is a good idea when soldiers can catch fire from explosion.
- On level 4, when I jumped off the cliff at the beginning of the mission, I could see a tree bush floating in the middle of the air.
- The crosshair is just... huge, while the instruction text overlay (press "E" for...) is quite small.

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We haven't applied any optimization techniques to the game yet so we have a lot of room for improvement. Right now the focus is gameplay.

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Hey, mate. I have a couple of questions:
1/From the look of it, the game is set in the Cold War era, right? I could see the Vietnam jungle as well as screenshots from snowy mission (Russia?)
2/Do you plan to release the game on Steam also? I like Desura but I would prefer to keep all my games in one place.
Thank you,

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[ENG] Idiot, almost all games will be in Steam. Steam does not take the alpha and beta versions of games.

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I do know that, mate. That's why there's the word "plan" in my question.

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By the way, I believe that there are games here which are not available on Steam; maybe that's why we have Indie Royale to promote lesser known titles.

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Идиот, почти все игры из десуры будут в стиме. Стим не принимает альфа и бета версии игр.

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3dRobbo Creator

1. Yes you are correct, we arn't going to be 100% authentic on the locations/time, levels will be from around the world, whatever looks cool really, but yes mainly cold war era.
2. We really hope so. I'll ask about the steam key ( I'm pretty sure the Desura key can be used later if we ever get to steam - ie you WONT have to purchase twice) - But to be sure, I'll find out for you.

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Thanks for the answer, mate. I'm downloading the game right now, I'll provide you feedback later.

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