[REC] Shutter is a horror game where you must progress through levels while avoiding the paranormal and solving puzzles. The story will progress as the player goes through the levels. This Game will not only focus on his recordings but even on his story and his life. You take the role of a reporter named Connor, which will be reporting Penny hill a dark hunted asylum. You will be equipped with the latest equipment; animated camera which includes night vision and a shutter effect. Filming every action you take and taking screenshot's of paranormal activity. Game will include feature's like fear, stealth, investigation and much much more.

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I could not get far, the lighting was too dark for me...

THe game was ok but the movement is atrocious. I got jammed on those stupid doll stand things for like 20 minutes and they wouldn't move. Then when the guy came out the TV the doll piushed me then the guy chased me and killed. Obviously the dolls prevented me from moving very far.

main complaints, move to slow-, can't see-, to short+

Controls - Movement is far to slow the sprint should be the walking speed, and clicking upwards of 6+ times to pick up an item. Random moments you cannot move unless you click, and one time it gives you no sign what so ever that you need to.

vision - to dark or grainy, i can't quite put my finger on if it is both. It is hard to tell what is what. stealth mode is completely useless because all I see is black.

the controls tutorial came a little late, but I blame my self for not looking it up on the site in the first place when I noticed no options.

That's the problems, but I did feel it was to short. I did have fun with the game and wanted to keep playing. despite the issues it has the core of the game is actualy good. (i did end up getting killed, so I am sure there is something more to this game than i played. I wanted to see more, but it would be nice if i could see it; and it didn't take 5 minutes to reach each door.

If you just feel like killing 20 min on a small horror demo, it is worth it to play. should at least entertain you.


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Well, what can I say about REC Shutter? First of all, the first person of a camera is not the first one, there's Paranormal, another game, the first game where ou use a camera as "camera". The graphics are pretty awful, the textures are in a very bad quality for the engine.

The night vision of the camera is totally useless, since you use it only 2 or 3 times in the game. It even had to exist, it is so annoying, because it just makes even harder to distinguish a wall from a door. Though these bad parts, the sense of this camera is a litte different from Paranormal, as you only use a space of the display to see the things, giving the game a new first person experience.

The way you interact with the objects in the scene is very strange. Just for an example, in the beggining of the game, you are in a room where you suppose to get out through the door, but that isn't possible at first, the only thing you figure out is a hand print on the bottom of the camera with a letter "K" in it. After 15 minutes scouring the room, you see a key, ok, that makes sense, now you know the "K" letter on the door means a GODDAMN KEY!!! How are you suppose to know that "K" was to find a freaking key?! Also, when you look directly on other objects you'll interact in the game, a "??" appears on, after that appears a text under saying the proposal of it, when you try to get the object, it just don't work... just after some clicks you can get it...OMG

The loading screen takes a lifetime to load, and the game has no excuses to be heavy, my pc supported Crysis 2 how it can't load a simple indie game.

The game itself is very short, aproximately 20 minutes of gameplay, even for an indie game that's terrible, in my opinion. REC Shutter at first appears to be a new game of the genre, but after you play it, you notice it was just another horror game,i f you still can say it is a horror game, the only thing of "horror" it has is a psichological thriller, nothing more.


contron7 says

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its got potential, but there are some things that **** me off. the first being the speed at which you move in the game. You move way too slow and sprint does nothing. The second are the two question marks that are in the center of the screen 90% of the time. I dont need the game to tell me that I dont know what's going on. Fix/remove these and I'd call this game worth playing.

Its good but its too short


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