[REC] Shutter is a horror game where you must progress through levels while avoiding the paranormal and solving puzzles. The story will progress as the player goes through the levels. This Game will not only focus on his recordings but even on his story and his life. You take the role of a reporter named Connor, which will be reporting Penny hill a dark hunted asylum. You will be equipped with the latest equipment; animated camera which includes night vision and a shutter effect. Filming every action you take and taking screenshot's of paranormal activity. Game will include feature's like fear, stealth, investigation and much much more.

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looks nice and scary


[REC] Shutter is a free to play horror game about a ghost hunter going to a insane asylum because of many reaports of paranormal activiy. Your objective? To record every paranormal act with a video camrea of course. Now this game is really FREAKY and im NOT even kidding either..... I swear everytime freaky somthing happens I litterly jump out of my seat. This game does give a really good scare sometimes. Story is intersting its not always about the insane alysum. But also about you to. Music is pretty creepy plus it does fit for the game to. Graphics are good but there is a little problem with the graphics. This game is really dark and its litterly hard to see and you got to have night vison all the time. The only let down is that the game is really short......
Which is why I gave this game a 9/10

This game really scared the crap out of me guys good work. I hope to see more.

I saw Cr1TiKaL play this and thought that I would try it myself.

Good game, but there's a lot to be improved.

Amazing game. I am speechless. This is my favorite horror game next to Amnesia: The Dark Descent (and soon, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs too). I recommend this game to everyone who loves horror games. I applaud the developer of this game slowly *clap... clap... clap...*. I would play again 10/10! Keep up the good work, Kumi!

-Atmosphere is lovely, and your sounds don't become over repetitive.
-The concept of seeing "through" the camera is clever...it adds suspense and I enjoyed the visual ;)
-The monster design was awesome and scared the crap out of me...even made me stutter xD = nice job!

-Your character moves ridiculously slow...I thought it was just my recorder program, so i turned it off, and it still moved the same speed. It took me 50 minutes to "beat" the demo, and I think that was a bit long.
-Some objects are really hard to find.
-As one other reviewer states, the environment doesn't seem much like an asylum, outside of the wheelchairs :P i don't think this is a huge problem because i still feel like the game runs smoothly, but you may want to change the title/backstory ;)

Bottom Line: I think this game is awesome, and I'd love to play more once the kinks get knocked out.
-My Gameplay: Youtube.com

This game is painfully bad. The controls are idiotic. I frequently get stuck in random objects. It's impossible to change the resolution. The instructions feel like they've been translated from Gaelic and back twice. The loading time is ridiculous for this size of game. The camera starting bit make you literally walk out of a room textured with static instead of overlaying static on the screen.

eel juego es bueno pero la grafica lo arruinA

So this game sucks. It feels like the developer just poorly copied a bunch of mechanics from other, better horror games. Crashes every other time you start it up, the night-vision and static effects are really bad, I don't think sneaking even DOES anything, and oh boy, the "scares." This thing has some amazingly uninspired jump scares. Why do developers all think that "BOO SCARY FACE LOUD NOISE 2SPOOKY" every five minutes is the height of fear? Play something else.

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