id Software's Rage combines first-person shooting, vehicular action, and "open but directed" exploration in a post-apocalyptic world, to tell the story of Earth's wretched civilization after a cataclysmic meteor strike. Militaristic authority figures, freedom-fighting rebels, criminal raiders, and twisted mutants battle each other for control of the barren wasteland Earth has become. This is the first game to feature the new id Tech 5 engine.

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ID software has returned! They have brought a breathtaking game that is rumored to have an upcoming sequel.

Im no graphics ***. I think my review of DNF has settled that. I enjoy this for what it provides. A setting i enjoy (a cross between futuristic, steam punk, and western) The crazy guns, the awesome looking ATV's. And the quest/shooter setup it has makes it easy and fun to do multiple things and once, and really get through the game at a quick pace. Bought it 2 days ago, it finished downloading yesterday, so i fired it up. Instant 2 hours played. The music in the opening intro was haunting, and the first time you step out of the ARK was aiken to Fallout 3's coming out of the vault. Breathtaking world, it really is. I often find myself just staring at how good something looks. Sometimes the cell shading and texturing is so well done i cant tell if its fake or real. Sure theres a bit of texture pop in, that sort of comes with the cell shaded territory now doesnt it? Anyone remember the fuss made about Borderlands and the pop in when you spawn on a map, taking a few seconds to load before it un blurs? Anyways enough texture talk, Did we really buy this to go GFX crazy? Or did we buy it because of who made it, and what they promised. My outdated PC runs this on MAX, no lag, and a decent FPS. That is godly, and makes me mad, because why cant other PC games be as well optimized as this. It would make PC gaming a heck of a lot cheaper.

The game left some to be desired by the time it was released, but its still id's signature.
The last participation of Carmack's on id Tech, left us wondering what id's going to be after his departure in terms of tech development.
This isn't bad, quite the contrary! It's a new beginning for the revolutionary developer of 90s.
The game proves that id is still id, no matter what is going on at it's core.
Fast paced action, kill, kill and more killing. Funny and entertaining, the game is suitable for those who just want to shoot, shoot and shoot!
The scenarios of desolated areas makes me wonder what DooM 4 can be. Hell isn't far and possibly a new outstanding piece of art is coming and is going to hit harder than ever.
Whatever you think about id Software, this is the exclamation of the game developer, telling us "we're still here!!"

good game, great story, good mechanics...

needs to have more content added, better tutorials and documentation for id tech5 engine/mod tools

community needs to create more cities (gun barrel) and areas to explore (more sewers)...
plus a ton of other stuff :P

the giant mutant was a tad too easy to kill... balance is pretty good considering.
would have liked to see a few missions involving getting rid of authority drones/soldiers/etc. in the towns, maybe some missions of mercy and negotiations for peace/trade/joining towns expansions etc.

overall its an excellent game that begs for additional gameplay and longer/added story.




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