id Software's Rage combines first-person shooting, vehicular action, and "open but directed" exploration in a post-apocalyptic world, to tell the story of Earth's wretched civilization after a cataclysmic meteor strike. Militaristic authority figures, freedom-fighting rebels, criminal raiders, and twisted mutants battle each other for control of the barren wasteland Earth has become. This is the first game to feature the new id Tech 5 engine.

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Later today on Steam id Studio and Bethesda will be releasing the official tool kit for RAGE – the same tools used to create RAGE and its DLC, The Scorchers. From the game’s world building tool, idStudio, to game maps and assets, the kit provides everything you need to get started with modding the first-ever idTech 5 title.

Posted by feillyne on Feb 9th, 2013

Later today on Steam Bethesda and id Studio will be releasing the official tool kit for RAGE – the same tools used to create RAGE and its DLC, The Scorchers. From the game’s world building tool, idStudio, to game maps and assets, the kit provides everything you need to get started with modding the first-ever idTech 5 title.Interested? Before you start downloading the hefty 35+ GB file, the RAGE team has provided some documents to read. As described in the welcome document, these tools provided are complex and aimed towards “technically sophisticated and adventurous” modders.

Welcome to the RAGE Tool Kit

RAGE Tool Kit FAQ and EULA

To download the kit itself, be on the lookout for the RAGE Tool Kit in the Tools section of Steam (the same place you’d download Skyrim’s Creation Kit). id Studio looks forward to seeing your creations. If you have something to share, shoot them an email or share it with their id Software Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Source, Bethesda blog:

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formerlyknownasMrCP Feb 10 2013 says:

so many fanbois. Can't you guys just accept that Carmack completely ****** up. Now he's basically making you guys do his dirty work for him.

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SPY-maps Feb 10 2013 says:

i am a HUGE fan of ID and there engines (still love the doom3, quake4 editor!!)
loved those games too, same counts for the earlier releases of id, that said i really was VERY disapointed with RAGE. Ok, there texture popping up was very annoying but when you turned slowly around it was ok. Its still is that way, patches have helped a bit, but not entirely. And i have a very high spec pc, so that is not the problem.
My biggest problem with Rage is that simply said the half of the time you are loading levels. Drive from A to B, load new level, drive back, load new level. I exaggerate, but you know what i mean.
No, RAGE is not for me, in all honesty, i didn't even finish the game. still have it installed and hopefully one day i will finish it (because as id fan i have to play it, i think).

So i don't think i will download and use the tools, but i thank id for there offer. Am only afraid that this release of tools will not help to make the RAGE game more popular, or give it a longer life.

But it is ok, no studio can ONLY make AAA titles that are 10/10, not even id is proven now. there next game will be great again, am thinking about Quake and Doom 4 that are in production right now.


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©orporatefilth™ Feb 10 2013 replied:

Valve can.

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WNxKraid Feb 10 2013 says:

Do you have to own Rage to be able to download this Tool Kit?
Also 35GB... wow this is insane with my <2k connection.
Would be good if there was a possibility to get a lite version of the toolkit without all the assets that make it a gigantic download.

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kevzo Feb 10 2013 says:

Finally. This tool was actually supposed to be included with Rage at launch.
Hopefully someone will make a mod that replaces the terrible, dumbed-down health regeneration system (Bandages will become far more useful).

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TheUnbeholden Feb 13 2013 replied:

I hate it when developers throw in health regeneration without thinking how it affects the gameplay. It has to fit with the other mechanics in the game and even then it will make the game easier, with bandages already implemented I reckon with can give regen the boot.

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Tur0k Feb 10 2013 says:

Someone should make a Quake physics Rage engine game for a remake or a another installment to Quake 3's multiplayer

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cinco Feb 10 2013 says:

when will first mod come out? i bet never.

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Wiweeyum Feb 10 2013 replied:

A Doom E1M1 remake'll be out in a week.

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Megadave2003 Feb 10 2013 says:

Must get more ram

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©orporatefilth™ Feb 10 2013 says:

Was i the only one that was bothered by the lack of prop physics in rage? everything in the environment, the decorations, the computers, coffee cups, sodacans, were all as solid as rocks. NOTHING was affected when shot or meellee-d. This saddened me.

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ildamos Feb 11 2013 replied:

Not as John Woo as the first FEAR eh? I quite agree with you.

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ildamos Feb 11 2013 says:

Rage played fine on my machine. Here's my review of it: It's at times scathing, at times praising the game so I suppose it's one of the more unbiased reviews out there.

What REALLY TICKED ME OFF (and it's there in my review), was the game's lackluster difficulty.

I'm hoping that the new "Ultra Nightmare" mode has already fixed this and if not, I'm hoping that w these mod tools, someone can fix that.

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hogsy Feb 11 2013 says:

It only took them a whole year...

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xalener Feb 11 2013 says:

any documentation on this yet?

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patborders Feb 11 2013 says:

I still don't see it on Steam.

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Florry Feb 13 2013 replied:

Delete the Steam\appcache folder and restart steam

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Lucífer Feb 11 2013 says:

Dat face

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simonoc Feb 13 2013 says:

Taken from the EULA for the toolkit :

"If You distribute or otherwise make available New Materials, You automatically grant to Bethesda Softworks the irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, sublicensable right and license under all applicable copyrights and intellectual property rights laws to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, perform, display, distribute and otherwise exploit and/or dispose of the New Materials (or any part of the New Materials) in any way Bethesda Softworks, or its respective designee(s), sees fit."

I think this is the first time I have seen the EULA give away (creators) rights, anyone creating and releasing content will have no right over their creation. Besides the restrictive rights of use, I imagine this is a good tool for someone wanting to enhance their portfolio or show they can / understand new technology. The editor will certainly require a huge amount of time to learn but the end results can be spectacular compared to other engines.

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Guest Feb 17 2013 replied:

Umm, that's pretty much how EULA for mod kits work. You should read the SC2 editor's EULA as well.

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SurfByShootin Feb 18 2013 says:

Cool, I hope someone can make an actual ending now.

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cinco Feb 21 2013 says:

zero mods. dead on arrival.

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Ravenholm Jun 8 2013 says:

Finally, can't wait to give this a shot.
I'm all over it, estatic, hyped!
John Carmack you did it again :D

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Guest Jul 5 2015 says:

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