Welcome to the Arena, where high-ranking warriors are transformed into spineless mush. Abandoning every ounce of common sense and any trace of doubt, you lunge onto a stage of harrowing landscapes and veiled abysses. Your new environment rejects you with lava pits and atmospheric hazards as legions of foes surround you, testing the gut reaction that brought you here in the first place. Your new mantra: Fight or be finished.

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Mod Of the Month: Western Quake 3

Western Quake 3 2 comments

It seems that has taken out this months honour, and snatched up the modDB's mod of the month award! It is of course well deserved with beta 2.0 (basically...

True Combat MOTM

True Combat 0 comments

The guys from this mod have been working on the mod for quite some time now, and have worked so hard to get to their beta 1.0 finished (was released last...

Bystander needs a test server!

Bystander 3 comments

Bystander and our team is constantly growing and time has come for an urgent request. We really need access to a decent game server that we can do closed...

New Q3A Urban Terror

Urban Terror Q3 mod 0 comments

A new version 2.6a of the Urban Terror modification for Quake III Arena is now available. The new update is referred to as the "weapons patch," but also...

Urban Terror Interview

Urban Terror Q3 mod 0 comments

HomeLan Fed chats with "Oswald" of Silicon Ice Development. The popular Quake III Arena mod! HomeLAN - What can you tell us about plans for major updates...

More pics

Anklehead 0 comments

We have updated our page with a whole slew of new pics. Check out our wacky stuff at

Western Quake³ Map + Skin Shots

Western Quake 3 0 comments

H0wdy! I'm happy to tell you that updated mapshots of my older map "Cobber Canyon" are up. I reworked the lightning, textures and many details.. and added...

new Western Quake³ ingame screens!

Western Quake 3 0 comments

howdy folks, pay attention, western update is coming ;) this week we can present you 4 new ingame screenshots showing or models with all the skins. Now...

New Map Shots and Weapons Info

Western Quake 3 0 comments

Dead Kennedy has two screenshots from Part 6 of his Duel Map High Noon : Furthermore Spoon is working on the bots. Lixus is putting the finishing touches...

New Map Shots

Western Quake 3 0 comments

The Western Quake 3 Team has news for you! This time Spoon has finished all the coding on the bots and he improved the hitbox. Like that they are now...

New Weapon and Player skins

Western Quake 3 1 comment

We have news over at the Western Quake ranch. Today we show some pictures of the reskinned Winchester '66 and the sawed of shotgun. Next is a picture...

Preview Video

Western Quake 3 0 comments

We over at the Western Quake 3 Ranch have a preview video for you! It shows some nice scenes like a guy falling of a roof and a fight in a saloon. So...

Western Quake³ Release Date set !

Western Quake 3 0 comments

Yeah, it's true, we finally set a release date. Western Quake³ will be released on Friday, March 7th at 9pm CET (GMT + 1). If you want, you can visit...

Western Quake³ has been released!

Western Quake 3 0 comments

Yeah it's finally out. Beta 2.0 of Western Quake³ has been released tonight. Now get on your horse and go for the 150mb download. While waiting for the...

Spider-Man:Dynamic Forces is BACK in celebration of Spider-Man2

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 2 comments

I've finally gone out of my way to put up some new pictures in the Ingame Section(Please keep in mind that many of the pictures there are already very...

Dynamic Forces Alpha9.0->Beta0.1 Celebration!

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 2 comments

In Celebration of Dynamic Forces going from Alpha9.0 -> Beta0.1, I've decided to do the first of a series of updates, which will include fractions of...

Website Revamp

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 4 comments

After stressfully pumping out some new contact for PC Gamer's next issue, we've decided to update our main page with some new eyecandy. Stay...

Server change, New site and updated

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 2 comments

This is just a brief update to announce our new url/host, and catch up on outdated unseen content until we show our new batch of work. Please visit our...

Spider-Man: Dynamic Forces - Forum Picture of the Day bonus

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 2 comments

I have collected a batch of outdated media which isn't exactly "site material" but they have some nice content such as melee shots, attack...

Model Update

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 4 comments

After months of our down time, our biggest acomplishment was the help of a great modeler/skinner from polycount named ElysiumGX, who's completed...

Spider-Man: Dynamic Forces - Model update

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 1 comment

I know, I know.. it's been a bit longer than a month Though if you're an active forum user I'm sure the past couple months you've...

More Carnage

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 3 comments

Happy Belated 4th of July to all you Americans, and happy Summer to everyone. The team has been surprisingly productive lately, and over the 4th of July...

Our newest Skinner, Sadner

SpiderMan: Dynamic Forces 1 comment

Our latest(and first) additions to Spider-Man's alternate skins, thanks to our newest member, Sadner. Welcome to the team. We are still in need of...

Version 3.1 Has Been Released!

Reaction Quake 3 0 comments

Version 3.1 of Reaction Quake 3 has been released. This is a non-beta release of the popular mod for Quake 3. Head over to to download the files and give...

It's Alive! It's Alive!

Reaction Quake 3 0 comments

From the page - And here you thought development was dead. ADMIT IT!!! Anyway I just wanted to make a quick news post letting all who follow us know that...

Reaction Quake 3 v3.2 Released!!!

Reaction Quake 3 2 comments

The latest Reaction Quake 3 has just be released. For now we have the update and full .zip files available for download. All files need to be put in your...

Gargoyle Arena updates

Gargoyle Arena 0 comments

- We now have an official site. - We also have an official forum. - Plus we've got more concept art, from our newest recruit, Makkon. See our mod profile...

Gargoyle Arena news - "RARR!"

Gargoyle Arena news - "RARR!"

Gargoyle Arena 2 comments

Gargoyle Arena forums were recently destroyed (no backups) by a hacker (integracer800), so i've moved it over to the new Gargoyle Spawning Lair forum.

Coming and going

Coming and going

Gargoyle Arena 10 comments

Well our coder quit for stupid reasons. Bah heck, can't get a reliable one these days....

Painkeep Arena 3.0 Released

PainKeep Arena 0 comments

PainKeep Arena goes back to DeathMatch's original premise - 'Make other people die'. Your mission is to Frag more opponents than any other player. PainKeep...