Qbeh is a short, FREE first person puzzle platformer, inspired by games like Portal and Minecraft, in which the player "cubes" their way through 4 exciting levels. Made with the Unity game engine. Quotes from reviews: "Qbeh is an exquisite little thing" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Highly immersive and very creative" - eGamer "It’s not every day we see something this cool and fun" - Game Front "Developers Liquid Flower Games might play up the Minecraft and Portal similarities on the Qbeh homepage, but I think that’s doing their serene puzzle-FPS a disservice" - PC Gamer "too portal" - Quarry, TIGSource Forum member

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1. No idea why anyone would compare this to Minecraft.
2. It's wonderfully pleasant. I enjoyed the entire game.
3. There's very little happening in the way of gameplay. It's not very fun, even though it's so incredibly pleasant.

I don't regret spending time with this. It's good.

Qbeh is an interesting puzzle game similar to Portal. The player re-uses certain blocks to get to different areas of the map. The graphics are pretty good, but the game engine needs much more optimization. I noticed major lag issues even on a high-end Windows 7 machine with a graphics accelerator card. Also, this game needs to last longer than 4 levels! Despite all of this, the game is definitely worth a look.

this is a very good simple game. the ambient music along with the scenery is great and helps create the feel of the game. I want more of this.

my only critisism is that it needs a bit more optimising as ive had to run it on fastest to get the controlls to run smoother.

overall it's brilliant!

Certainly is quite short, but I enjoyed it and that's what matters. It seems a nice showcase of the sorts of things you can do with Unity, and I'd probably play (as in pay money for) a longer more fleshed out version. Right now it sort of feels like a prototype, but in a good way. It's not that its buggy or unpolished, far from it, it's just considering the length and difficulty there could be, well, just more of it in all aspects. The frames per second got a little sluggish sometimes, but it looks reasonably pretty and it's free so it's hard to hold that against it. It's got an options menu at the launcher but I didn't really test it out to see how much difference it made as really my PC should be able to handle it on max (I was actually on medium) fairly easily.

As an aside, I wanted to give it 7.5


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