Qbeh is a short, FREE first person puzzle platformer, inspired by games like Portal and Minecraft, in which the player "cubes" their way through 4 exciting levels. Made with the Unity game engine. Quotes from reviews: "Qbeh is an exquisite little thing" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Highly immersive and very creative" - eGamer "It’s not every day we see something this cool and fun" - Game Front "Developers Liquid Flower Games might play up the Minecraft and Portal similarities on the Qbeh homepage, but I think that’s doing their serene puzzle-FPS a disservice" - PC Gamer "too portal" - Quarry, TIGSource Forum member

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The game somewhat enjoyable, but the controls felt off and the game was incredibly short. I finished the entire game in about 10-15 minutes. It's not worth even downloading for such a small play time and with no replay value.


Q.U.B.E. wannabe. lack of optimisation, creativity, lenght. in this stage its a techdemo not a game.


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