Qbeh is a short, FREE first person puzzle platformer, inspired by games like Portal and Minecraft, in which the player "cubes" their way through 4 exciting levels. Made with the Unity game engine. Quotes from reviews: "Qbeh is an exquisite little thing" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun "Highly immersive and very creative" - eGamer "It’s not every day we see something this cool and fun" - Game Front "Developers Liquid Flower Games might play up the Minecraft and Portal similarities on the Qbeh homepage, but I think that’s doing their serene puzzle-FPS a disservice" - PC Gamer "too portal" - Quarry, TIGSource Forum member

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is a fun game to palay,the grafics is not the beter but in this game you dont need good grafics!

Although short, this game was a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend.

nice game im wayting for a second opus

It was really good bit I think it still needs some more smoothness regarding the controls . ^_^

This game is amazingly cool , I'm so excited of playing this **** :)

The controls are very sluggish and unnatural-feeling. It's hard to tell and control where your jumps will land and what your hangtime will be. The graphics were good, but lower settings need to be made available for older computers. It was a free game, so I'm not upset about the experience, but I did not enjoy playing it, and would be quite upset if I had paid for it.


emcc says

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This is a great game. Sure, the puzzles are somewhat simple, the jumping physics a bit messy, and the game is pretty short, but I still like it a lot. The levels are beautiful to look at, and I especially like the Sandbox level at the end, which is more exploration-oriented than gameplay-oriented.

It took me a while to realize that it was possible to get out of that small valley, but when I got out into the desert I realized how large that final map actually is. I managed to get to the top of the mountain some distance away from where you start. I wonder what the "THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, BALTA!" message up there means.

freaking cool

A great game! short but sweet.

I think one shouldnt have to restart the level if he falls, the way it is its too annoying for me to redo stuff all the time. The rest looks fine though

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