Puzzle Moppet takes well known and beloved block shifting gameplay and updates it with true 3D puzzles and an assortment of new objects. Guide the Moppet through the vast and eternal void of space, navigating ice blocks, exploding blocks, balloons, elevators and more... Test your brain with over 30 puzzles ranging from the delightfully docile to the devilishly devious.

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Un classique avec une réalisation 3D de qualité.

Basically 3d Sokoban (old DOS game), not new but quite challanging =)

The game is all right, but it seems to be more of a test/first implementation using 3D and/or the platform. The main problem is however the fact that 3D (or the chosen style) does not really fit the type of game (for instance, it makes it hard to get a complete picture in order to plan the solution to the puzzle).

As a side note and less important, the game could progress faster as currently it is quite boring to play so many levels just to get to something potentially interesting as a puzzle to solve.

Классная головоломка


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