Projekt "W" (for Weltherrscher = World ruler) - "Phase 2" is a turn-based strategy game set in a hostile not-so-distant future where only five huge nations remain that battle it out for world domination.

You take control over on of these nations, each with it's own territory and specific set of bonus factors, and your goal is to conquer the whole globe.

Current downloads (May 2013, open beta #190) :

(Windows) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~83 MBytes)
(Linux, i386) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~90 MBytes)
(Linux, x86_64) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~90 MBytes)

Note : This is a freeware title. And though it's currently still in beta, the final title will be freeware too.

Quick rundown of what you do during a game :

  • Manage your regions
    Your regions are the main source for resources needed to fund your war efforts, so managing them in an effective way is very important. So you'll spend much time constructing buildings inside your regions and upgrading them. You also need to make sure your people are happy or you're going to loose regions. You can select from dozens of different buildings in several categories (military, civil, research, health-care, science, leisure, etc.).
  • Manage your armies
    Since this is a hostile environment it's inevitable to have a well-managed army. So you need to create and manage division, construct, assign and upgrade military units and hire generals for your divisions that give them bonusses.
  • Unlock new technologies
    The game offers dozens of technologies to be researched by your scientists, with technologies often unlocking new technologies alongside buildings and military units or
    giving you advantages over your enemies. So steady research is a must to survive.
  • Work on global projects
    Global projects are mighty projects that need your whole nation's attention to finish. There are two different categories : Active projects with powerfull attacks you can unleash onto your enemies (nukes, pandemics) and passive projects that boost your nation's skills (build faster, bolster espionage skills). These projects are expensive and need time to unlock but they can become real game changers.
  • Do espionage and sabotage
    The game includes a deep and complex espionage and sabotage system. You can hire agents to infiltrate enemie regions or data nets and even put them into your own regions to do counter espionage. You can get important data from your enemies and even demolish their buildings or steal credits from them. But don't get caught!
  • Manage your staff
    A leader is only as good as it's staff. So hire and train your scientists, agents and generals so they can give you an advantage over your enemies. A well-trained general attached to a mighty division can become almost unstoppable.

Features of the game :

  • State-of-the-art 3D graphics
    The game uses OpenGL and Shaders to render it's starte-of-the-art 3D graphics. From the main globe to the day/night cycle, over to the GUI programmed especially for this game up to the 3D battlefields where you can zoom into the details of all your units.
  • Turn-based hexagonal battles
    New in "Phase 2" are real 3D-battlefields where you can fight for enemy regions (or defend your own) on a hexagonal battlefield, turn-by-turn. Everything here is rendered in full 3D so you can move, rotate and zoom freely while moving your units in half a dozen different environments on dozens of different maps.
  • Over a dozen of military units
    The game includes almost 20 different military units, starting from the basic infantry to modern stealth-bombers and huge walker platforms. Every unit has it's strength and weaknesses, so it's necessary to balance your unit mix. And every single unit has different skins for all five nations and is presented in full 3D.
  • More than 40 different buildings
    The game includes more than 40 different buildings you can construct in your regions, split up into different categories. Many of which are unlocked during research. This offers a lot of variety for regional construction
  • Extensive technology tree
    More than 30 technologies can be research that unlock buildings, military units or give you bonuses. Included are also endless reasearch technology for when you're done with normal research.
  • Different types of global projects
    The game includes global projects that range from nuclear warheads (along with animated explosions) to pandemics that spread over the globe to more passive projects like espionage satellites.
  • Complex strategic gameplay
    Projekt W offers you complex and deep turn-based gameplay. Take your time to plan your steps, a game can last dozens of hours or be over in just a few, depending on your skills and your enemies.
  • Human and AI-controlled nations
    When setting up a game you can choose to either fight against competitive AI-controlled nations or human players (via hotseat). You can even mix both of them.
  • Smooth and rich user interface
    The user interface of the game was written especially for this game and also uses OpenGL for hardware rendering. So you get both an easy-to-use UI that also looks sleek and even allows for 3D rendering inside 2D windows.
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Here comes a new Phase 2 open beta release (#201) :

(Windows) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~83 MBytes)
(Linux, i386) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~90 MBytes)
(Linux, x86_64) Projekt “W” – Phase 2 – Open Beta rev. #201 (~90 MBytes)

Introducing another platform, Linux x86_64. Contrary to a 64-Bit windows, a 64-Bit linux doesn't support 32 Bit applications out of the box, and in order to run them you need to install some multiarch stuff. So from now on those of you that run a 64-Bit linux (which I guess is standard like in the windows world) without 32-Bit libs installed can just grab the 64-Bit release.

Beta #201 images Beta #201 images Beta #201 images

Highlights of this release include :

  • 64-Bit release for Linux (x86)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped ecology buildings from getting finished.
  • Fixed wrong global project calculation for minimum required funds to progress.
  • (Linux) The sound library ( is now loaded dynamically. If there was a problem loading it you get a corresponding message instead of the game not starting.
  • (Linux) Executable bits for the start script and the game’s binary have been set.
  • Fixed lots of spelling and grammar errors.

The Mac OSX release that I recently announced isn't quite ready yet, but the game already runs and plays perfectly on a mac. But since there's still testing left to do (I only have access to one mac, a mac mini at work) and I guess I'll have to tweak some code and fix some minor issues before I can release it to the public. Depending on how it turns out I may run a closed beta with the Mac OSX version first though.

Important note for the desura release : JYI : The updated release has been submitted for desura release, but due to the approval process it may take some time until you can grab this release from desura.

And once again I'd like to thank all of you that downloaded my game and gave me (lots of) valuable feedback. This release doesn't include gameplay improvements that you requested, but these have been noted and will be put in one of the upcoming release.Next on my list is (finally) starting wok on the politics feature, a feature that'll hopefully add to the gameplay and make the game more of geo-political simulator.

Projekt Weltherrscher coming to Mac OSX

Projekt Weltherrscher coming to Mac OSX

2 years ago News 0 comments

After adding linux support, Projekt Weltherrscher - Phase 2 is currently getting ported to Mac OSX. The first internal build is already up and running...

Projekt Weltherrscher - Phase 2 coming to Desura on June 20th

Projekt Weltherrscher - Phase 2 coming to Desura on June 20th

2 years ago News 0 comments

Projekt Welherrscher - Phase 2 will be released over at Desura on June 20th, so mark your calendars! It'll be the current (open beta) release already...

New beta release #190 (windows and linux)

New beta release #190 (windows and linux)

2 years ago News 2 comments

Here comes a new open beta release of "Phase 2". It includes a new soundtrack, including the game's very own theme song, redone and added sound effects...

The challenges of a game's sound design

The challenges of a game's sound design

2 years ago News 0 comments

As far as game design goes I find sound design to be the hardest part to get right. Over the years I learnt how to get a game's design, it's gameplay...

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trilobite23 Jun 28 2013 says:

i like it this game sascha reminds me of civilization and comand and conqure ;)

+3 votes     reply to comment
SaschaWillems Creator
SaschaWillems Jun 29 2013 replied:

Thanks. I love it when people compare my game to such commercial titles, it kind of honors me ;)

And yes, the game is influenced a lot by civilization as well as panzer general. Two of my all-time favorite games.

+2 votes   reply to comment
EugeneP Jun 27 2013 says:

The game is made very well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
EugeneP Jun 27 2013 says:

I'd just installed game on Linux and had few problems.
1) No "x" bit on "" and "ProjektWeltherrscher" -> unable to launch. Fixed easely with chmod +x.
2) Wrong library path in "":
This folder is empty. Actually .so files are in
"desura/common/projekt-w-phase-2/linuxextras" -> unable to launch. Fixed easely by copying libraries to expected location.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SaschaWillems Creator
SaschaWillems Jun 28 2013 replied:

I guess the problem here comes from the fact that I packaged the linux reelease under windows, thus losing the execution bit on the script and executable. So I'll package the linux release on linux itself then for future releases.

As for the lib_path on desura : Dunno how to change / fix that. The desura files (mcf) are made by the desura client and I thought they had the same contents / paths as the game itself. But I'll take a look at it.

Thanks for your feedback!

+1 vote   reply to comment
EugeneP Jun 29 2013 replied:

One more minor issue found:
I tried to skip tactical battle by constantly clickin "End Turn". There is a moment at last turn when I had no live units left and screen fades to black. The button "End Turn" is yet clickable at this moment, and if player manages to click it - game crashes:
TApplication.HandleException 0/0
Stack trace:
./ line 5: Segmentation Fault
OS: 64bit Linux.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SaschaWillems Creator
SaschaWillems Jun 29 2013 replied:

Yeah, this is a known bug that I'll fix in one of the coming release ;)

I see you're using a 64 Bits Linux. Do you need to install some compatibility libs for running 32 Bit applications? Some people already asked me for a native 64-Bits linux version because of that. I actually have a 64 Bit Linux running in a VM where I could compile such a version.

+1 vote   reply to comment
EugeneP Jun 30 2013 replied:

I have no missing 32-bit libs, but I have Steam installed. It pulls in virtually any 32-bit library required for gaming.
People with "pure" 64-bit systems will have to install few emulation packages:
I think 64-bit binary is generally good idea, if your code is not nailed to bit width.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OrbitalMachina Jun 26 2013 says:

Sascha,i have a suggestion,why not make scenarios,like Nazi germany invade Poland, or cold war,or even war of Korea.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SaschaWillems Creator
SaschaWillems Jun 26 2013 replied:

Well, I actually thought about implementing different features, but not historical ones. WW2 has been done to death (and would be problematic here in germany due to use of forbidden symbols), so if I ever get to release another scenario it would be something completely different. Something like a war between heaven and hell or a territorial fight for a new planet (or even multiple planets) is something I´d like to do at some poibt. But first I´ll finish the current version of rhe game :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Unit206 Jun 24 2013 says:

my game keeps crashing (it told me where to find the crash file and i took a screen shot, but i turned my pc off before saving the screen shot :( and i also forgot where to find the file, arn't i the best beta tester ever XD )

-Anyway i find that the pollution meter is buged in that if it goes beyond 60% it then climbs up by 10% every turn from that point on unless you get rid of the building that produced said pollution (however you still have to construct something in order to reduce the current pollution lvl in other wirds it doesn't go away)

-for the intro text you say "for the" twice "for the for the decline of many countires" (not sure if anythings misspelled because that is not my forte) the frist "for the" is on the upper line and the second is in the lower one, thats the best i got on that, i hope you understand what i mean by into, like the intro movie when you frist start the game.

Helpful Addition(s)
-You should add in fleets it would make boarder deffence more worrysome and thusly more challenging game.
-Also its totally possible to lock up your boarders and just focus on teching up for the whole game while the computers fight it out, however thats not exactly fun XD but i just thought i's tell you.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SaschaWillems Creator
SaschaWillems Jun 25 2013 replied:

Thanks for your extensive feedback :)

@Logfile : You can find it in your documents\ProjekW_Phase\log.html.

@Pollution : I guess I'll have to tweak that. It's already lowered compared to earlier betas, but there's also currently a bug with ecology buildings (that counter pollution) not getting constructed. So the next release should make this easier.

@Intro : Thanks for hinting me at this. A lof ot the english translations were made in a rush. So together with the tutorial there's still a lot of proof-reading ahead ;)

@Additions : Naval warfare is something I'm always thinking about, but currently I don't have a clue on how to implement them. Maybe I'll ad building less "regions" for the sea, but I'm not sure if this will ever make it into the game (though it would be a great addition).
And yes, the AI isn't perfect (yet). I plan on making it a better contender, but creating a good AI isn't easy and takes up lots of time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Unit206 Jun 25 2013 replied:

Well heres how i see it, what if you can only build basic units for your millitary unless that region has an advanced complex of sorts for which to build better ground forces, and an advanced flight building for better fighters units, and last but no least a shipyard but only on sections that meet the ocean.

You could add regions in the sea but not to build on at any place accross water use current shiping lanes as an example to set your water regions since the shiping lanes are the shortest route to each country.

Also could you add in animtions with the millitary units please? like movement and cannon flares and actually make it look like they are shooting XD here is an example their units also move on hexes, i also think that you might want to rework how units move accross the battlefeild (other than adding what i talked about above) likeall tanks should move 2 sqares and light tanks 3 or more and infantry 4 or more. (Jets are good btw)

You also need to make the anti aircraft tanks more powerful against aircraft, it took 4 anti air tanks to kill one fighter once and i still ended up losing 1 tank 4 vs 1 and i came out at a loss XD for the most part they just miss a lot, so i guess in order to balence it make it so that AA tanks will take off 80 - 90% of the strongest aircraft in the games HP (or make a better AA tank avalible)

I think thats all I have for today good luck on your work, and your doing a great job!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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