Key Features

Quick paced turn-based battle style

    • Unique character customization techniques
    • Pair characters and level up battle bonds to unlock new abilities
    • Something Home base,
    • Feel at home; discover your own hidden island base
    • Scavenge the world, craft and harvest useful items for your adventure
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New Gameplay Trailer

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Hey everyone!

Here's a report from GDC 2015!

This year we brought Bendik, Frits, Eivind, Kenny and Thomas for the show floor at GDC Play. Eivind won a scolarship so he has been off to lectures about Artificial Intelligence and other cool stuff.

We were invited to showcase Earthlock at Microsoft's indie event in San Francisco. It was a superb event with a bunch of other awesome indie developers we were proud to be amongst.

Progression update

Since GDC we have been busy with:

  • Moving the project from Unity4.6 to Unity5
  • Changed Version System to Perforce
  • Cleaned up the whole project removing unused assets and obsolete elements.
  • The art team is busy making new concept art for all the areas that still need to make it into the game. Here's a sample:

It has been a bit tedious, but now that it is done, we feel lighter and are ready to take on the last part of the journey.

And here is the gameplay trailer

I'd also like to introduce Thomas French, our new Senior Game Designer. Thomas started working for us this month, and is bringing a lot of experience to our team. He spent the last 10 years with Rockstar North working on GTA4 and GTA5.

Best regards,
Snowcastle Games

Wow! We have passed $50,000!

Wow! We have passed $50,000!

News 1 comment

That means we are 1/3 of the way to our goal and we still have 29 days to go. We are extremely confident we will get this project to the finish line and...

We are LIVE!!

We are LIVE!!

News 5 comments

Finally after much delay we are live with our new Kickstarter Campaign! We have worked super hard the last months and are extremely excited and proud...

Festival of Magic on Kickstarter

Festival of Magic on Kickstarter

News 4 comments

Please help us spread the word about our kickstarter.

Kickstarter going live in a few hours!!

Kickstarter going live in a few hours!!

News 1 comment

After the awesome Greenlight process, we're going ahead with a Kickstarter!

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so hoqw many episode aqre you planing to have in total

And doess will each episode be 5 hours long?

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bendikstang Creator

We have the first 4 episodes planned out.
As for length, if we can afford to make longer episodes at the same quality we will pack as much as time allows.

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Wow looks awesome, i really like the visual style.

Gonna track this.

Also what are your distribution plans? Retail/Steam/Desura/DRM Free ?

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bendikstang Creator


We intend to distribute this through Steam, OUYA Appstore, iOS Appstore, Android Appstore, Mac Appstore and Windows Appstore. We are also approaching Nintendo in the hopes that we can get it out on Nintendo Wii U. (For Steam we need to be green lit first)

We don't really need DRM on this game because of the online play and the cross device play, so I don't think there will be any DRM. That said, I don't know how it works on Wii U. Steam is also a kind of DRM and we will have to abide the terms given on each platform.

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bendikstang Creator

Just to add, we don't have a platform release schedule yet, but I think we most likely will start with OUYA and iPad3+. (Not decided)

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OK one last batch of questions

1. im curois what was the dissison to have the gamne split into episodes rather than haveintg it in all one game?

2.Will you be able to chose your class at the begning or will you have a defult chartor thaty will devlop over time?


4.I dont understand the episode thing can you explain more?Like will some of the overworld map areas be restgricted to certin episodes or like willcertinsiode quests be in certin episodes or cxertin trown will be in certin e pisodes? iu dont udnerstand can you explain it more and how itl all work?

4.Willl the overworld be in episode 1?

5.Will you have collectbles?

6.Will each episode be releasdhed over time?

7.Will you eventully bundle the episodes inmto one package for a single price so people will not have to dowlaod each one seprately?

9.will the overworld pasrt be seprate to the narritive parts
8.Will each Class have a seprate skill tree?

9.Will you have wside quests?

10.Will there be alolut of people to talk to in town? if so will there be shops?

11.Will there be diloge options?

12.Will the free beta be availbe to jsut people or pre order it or will it be avaible to everyone to dowlaodf ?

13.Will you ever release a box copyh?

14.Wil the first episode be really long ifd you do every collecble,explore everywhere,Do evbery side quest etc..?

Sorry for all the questions but im really looking forwoird to the game il be trackikng it offten wish you al lthe best of luck!!!

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bendikstang Creator

1. Financing. We simply don't have $10M to make everything we want, so we divide it into episodes.
2. No class choices in the first episode. Later you might swap people in your party. (much like NWN)
3. There are 4-6 unique characters in the first episode. Each character is much like a separate class.
4. Yes
5. You may collect several things. (Monsters?)
6. Yes, we plan 4-8 months between each episode. We will try to keep the wait short.
7. Of course.
8.1 The overworld will be part of the story. (This is a Narrative driven RPG - not a dungeon crawler)
8.2 Yes, separate skill tree - some skills might be shared though.
9. Yes, there will be sidequests. We will place them where they fit.
10. You shall be able to talk to all NPCs - some more than others of course. And there will be shops.
11. Dialogue options: Yes, we intend to have some of those. (To some degree)
12. Free beta for everyone!!
13. I wish - but I don't think so.
14. No, again this is about the budget! We will rather give you 5 hours of high quality than 20 hours of reduced quality.
15. No DRM - The game will have online save features so you can play on your PC and continue on your mobile device while on the bus. (You shall also be able to play offline on a single device, but it will then never be able to sync with other devices.)
16. Towns: We have one city, The Desert City (unnamed), in episode 1. There is a Capital City in Episode 2....

( I cleaned up (Deleted) your other questions above after answering them)

Thank you for trying to keep your questions in one post! :-)

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9 will thewre be enimes to kill in the overword(presumeign you will have one) as not jsut in thge dungeons

10.Will the overword have diffrent towns and stuff?

11.Hoiw frequent are you going to update the blog?every week or something?

again thanks for answering them alout of people probly whant to know this stuff lvoe what yov shown so far

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bendikstang Creator

Thanks for your questions Bigpather12.

1. There will be a world map with enemies that you can see (no random encounters).
There will also be special points of interest e.g. like a dessert full of monsters.
2. We plan to develop new episodes that continue where the last ended.
3. The Episodes will be Narrative driven RPG about 3-5 hours. Other parts of the game is more open ended.
4. It won't be secret if I answer this will it? :-)
5. Free beta is scheduled some time in the fall.
6. There are several classes.
7. Yes
8. Yes
9.1 Maybe
9.2 Yes, there will be enemies on the world map.
10. Yes, we have several towns planned.
11. We try to make a blog post approximately every week.

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8 will irt have side quests?
9.Will it have diffvrent diffcultie where maybe the monsters have new attacks(maybe even a hardcore mode)

ps thanks for answerign myh questions reallyh lookign forword to the game

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Awsome game really exited couple of questions

1.will this hav e a overworld you think it wilol have a new game plus for after the gamer finshed and to add replay value?
3.How long do oyu think the game will be if you do everything?
4.wILL IT HAVE SECRET DUNGEONs or something like that?
5Is there going to be a free beta or demo avaible soon?
6.Are there going to be chartor classes?
7.Are there going to be skill trees?

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