Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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Broax says

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This is one of those examples of how great indie alpha funding can be... Project Zomboid is a real work of love fueled by a great community and great interaction between developers and fans. Even if it's just in the earliest stages the colossal potential it has for modding alone makes this a game full of potential.

As for the game itself it has great music, and awesome atmosphere... It's a great ride for all the nostalgic gamers that fondly remember isometric games. And the structure of this game allows for limitless replayabilty with random spawning NPCs, zombies and items!

Use your survival instincts to scavenge for food, make your own weapons, and try to survive for as long as you can. Because as in life, in PZ the only certain thing is death...


warlordpompey says

Early access review 105 agree 14 disagree

The quintessence of immersive gameplay. It's an open world, not because you're told that it's open, but simply because you can approach the game from any survival model you choose to adopt.

I have spentg countless hours in-game and meta-game, and this is still a pre-alpha!

Huge potential for growth and an excellent foundation to build upon. If you like enveloping zombie-themed gameplay, get Project Zomboid now.


malakili says

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This is an alpha, so be prepared for occasional bugs, but even in this relatively primitive state you can play this game for hours on end and it has insane replayability (even in the tech demo that is free to download and try, so give it a shot!).

If you like the idea of a survival horror/zombie game, I'd be shocked if you didn't get your 8 dollars out of this. When I think of all the games I purchased for 50 bucks only to put down after a day or two, its even more insane how much I've been able to play this game already even in alpha.


chris2933 says

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tryllo says

Early access review 42 agree 11 disagree

Awesome game, best survival zombie game :3


Frogsbane says

Early access review 28 agree 6 disagree

A fantastically deep game considering the fact at that this time it is still in alpha! I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys RPGs especially ones with a lot of realism, it seems that by the end of development this game is going to have a lot of features and will probably be as close as it comes to a zombie apocalypse simulator (except perhaps the visuals). On top of that it's only £5 (at least it is in alpha) and the support from the developers in terms of news and updates is great. You would be mad not to buy this game for such a low price.


Serneum says

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I've been playing this game since pre-alpha and I have to say it is quite amazing. It's a true survival game with some interesting twists. Take too many sleeping pills? Now you sleep for 3 days straight. You can cook, forage, and kill zombies. It's hard to imagine a better version of a zombie apocalypse game.


Eggtooth says

Early access review 17 agree 3 disagree

This is the most enjoyable and scary games I ever played. Even if it's 2D, even if it doesn't have hi-end graphic, or sound. It's a game with soul. Many games today does not have soul, but PZ got it.
What is this all about?
You're one of the survivors, who were trapped in the city with milon of zombies. There is no hope for help, there is no hope to survive. But still, death s coming, but death can wait a bit longer. In this game you will die anyway- and this is why I loved Project Zomboid for most. You're not a superhuman, you're not a guy who need to save the world. You're normal human, a citizen of Knox Country. Your destiny is death.
Game atmopshere is brilliant, I were really scared when I has been trapped in house when 50-100 zombies were trying to get inside. I were waiting, when doors slowly collapsed, then I knew.... that.... I will die... The Atmosphere tells player clearly: "Buddy... you will die anyway, there is no point of surviving, there is no help for you". But of course, you can survive days, weeks, months, years. But game will be harder when time will pass. Then there will be no possibility to go to safe house without being bitten by zombie and (!) infected. Of course, after being infected you cannot control your character, but you can watch what "Zombified you" will do with NPC's. But there is a first disadvantage now of PZ: NPC's are all hostiles. Yes, this may be disdvantage, but this game is still in developement, so this is not a bad thing. I were impressed by amount of things you can do in PZ: Craft, Eat, sleep, be tired, be infected, and this is not all yet. You can be even sick when you're too much time outside when it's raining. You can be bored, you can be depressed, hungry of course too. What's more: all of those things affect the player's combat, visibility, healing speed abilities. Project Zomboid has been done in Isometric 2D graphics. I can only say: this is OK. I like the graphic style, and sound... creepy nice.
Score: 10/10


Roadkillxbox says

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This is the all time best zombie survival game ever. Most of the mainstream zombie games are focusing on "getting to the chopper" so to speak, or surviving endless waves of zombies, but Project Zomboid brings something new and realistic to the table. Instead of generic run and gun gameplay most zombie shooters are about, you actually have to survive the apocalypse, requiring food, sleep, and ways to keep yourself sane throughout the whole thing, whether it be popping anti-depressants, reading a book, or going outside for a walk, there's always something to keep you busy in the game. Project Zomboid is currently in Pre-Alpha, but in the coming months there will be updates adding more features, and eventually adding NPCs that you can interact with. You may need someone desperately, but what are you going to do when you find out that your best friend is going to kill you? Dealing with relationships with NPCs is probably what I'm looking forward to most in this game. It is definitely worth the small amount of money the developers are charging for it, and I would recommend this to any zombie survival enthusiast who wants an actual zombie survival experience.


raijian says

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This is great for all Zombie and RPG fans.

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