Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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10 Eggtooth

Aug 28th, 2011 17 people agree 3 people don't

This is the most enjoyable and scary games I ever played. Even if it's 2D, even if it doesn't have hi-end graphic, or sound. It's a game with soul. Many games today does not have soul, but PZ got it.
What is this all about?
You're one of the survivors, who were trapped in the city with milon of zombies. There is no hope for help, there is no hope to survive. But still, death s coming, but death can wait a bit longer. In this game you will die anyway- and this is why I loved Project Zomboid for most. You're not a superhuman, you're not a guy who need to save the world. You're normal human, a citizen of Knox Country. Your destiny is death.
Game atmopshere is brilliant, I were really scared when I has been trapped in house when 50-100 zombies were trying to get inside. I were waiting, when doors slowly collapsed, then I knew.... that.... I will die... The Atmosphere tells player clearly: "Buddy... you will die anyway, there is no point of surviving, there is no help for you". But of course, you can survive days, weeks, months, years. But game will be harder when time will pass. Then there will be no possibility to go to safe house without being bitten by zombie and (!) infected. Of course, after being infected you cannot control your character, but you can watch what "Zombified you" will do with NPC's. But there is a first disadvantage now of PZ: NPC's are all hostiles. Yes, this may be disdvantage, but this game is still in developement, so this is not a bad thing. I were impressed by amount of things you can do in PZ: Craft, Eat, sleep, be tired, be infected, and this is not all yet. You can be even sick when you're too much time outside when it's raining. You can be bored, you can be depressed, hungry of course too. What's more: all of those things affect the player's combat, visibility, healing speed abilities. Project Zomboid has been done in Isometric 2D graphics. I can only say: this is OK. I like the graphic style, and sound... creepy nice.
Score: 10/10

Roadkillxbox says
10 Roadkillxbox

Oct 2nd, 2011 12 people agree 3 people don't

This is the all time best zombie survival game ever. Most of the mainstream zombie games are focusing on "getting to the chopper" so to speak, or surviving endless waves of zombies, but Project Zomboid brings something new and realistic to the table. Instead of generic run and gun gameplay most zombie shooters are about, you actually have to survive the apocalypse, requiring food, sleep, and ways to keep yourself sane throughout the whole thing, whether it be popping anti-depressants, reading a book, or going outside for a walk, there's always something to keep you busy in the game. Project Zomboid is currently in Pre-Alpha, but in the coming months there will be updates adding more features, and eventually adding NPCs that you can interact with. You may need someone desperately, but what are you going to do when you find out that your best friend is going to kill you? Dealing with relationships with NPCs is probably what I'm looking forward to most in this game. It is definitely worth the small amount of money the developers are charging for it, and I would recommend this to any zombie survival enthusiast who wants an actual zombie survival experience.

Andrew554 says
7 Andrew554

Oct 5th, 2011 6 people agree 0 people don't

Its a great game, I find it hard to rate it a 10 at the moment considering it is only just got the concrete down.

It can be a great game and i look forward to seeing new features are the game developes.

At the moment however, it is a little to repetative due to the simple fact there is not that much to do.

I would recommend in the future to give more funtionality to items and make the interface easier to navigate, as I have come across items that I find have no use at all, and I have died many times trying to find bandages in my inventory or trying to swap from the shotgun to a melee weapon, It would also be great to have a function that when you click an item it goes to your inventory instead of dragging or bring in the right click. I am sure however these will be fixed as the game progresses.

I will wait, eager to try out new features.

rosimdark says
9 rosimdark

Dec 30th, 2011 7 people agree 1 person doesn't

When we get the multiplaying goodness you will get a 10/10 from me!! You are doing a great job on this game!

raijian says
10 raijian

Aug 29th, 2011 13 people agree 6 people don't

This is great for all Zombie and RPG fans.

IFD says
10 IFD

Aug 30th, 2011 7 people agree 2 people don't
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This is a great game. I always wished for a real zombie survival game and Project Zomboid is exactly it.

I haven't played it for too long, because I can't decide if I want to learn every possible trick with every update, or just wait for a full game, get throw into the horde of zombies and hope for the best.

I found about this game accidentally by reading a webcomic. I decided to check that it's. Graphics didn't look like it was this age, but I'm an old school gamer, so as long as you give me a good story and gameplay it might be a text based game as far as I care.

It took some time to get used to the controls and the flow of the game, but after some time it was time for fun to start. And it's really exciting and fun then you come home after few days of looting, you wife asked to run to the neighbors to bring some food (it was really tasty) so after a while I decided to bring some to her. So it was a nice, zombeless run back to the house, sneaking through the back door. Just didn't like the zombie in my back yeard so just then for a second outside to bash his head with a hammer. The sucker bit me, and other zombies probably though there is a party going on after hearing a skull-hammer solo, so a few more "friends" showed up. Decided that they will get bored with me, just went into the house, barricaded my doors and tried to short out all the loot. As I was getting sleepy, I went to the bedroom, barricaded the doors, looked outside of that's going on and tried to get to sleep. It's not so easy to sleep with a big hole in your stomach, so after a few buckets of mixed pills, I finally went to sleep, listening to the mooning lullaby. In the morning there was a bunch of friends outside the bedroom door, wanting to use the bathroom and crunch on my wife. It was time for the last stand. Shotgun in the hand and ready for fun. If anyone is going to eat my wife, it gonna be me :D After a lot of redecorating, I turned into zombie...

This is a great game, just buy it :)

kielov says
9 kielov

Sep 4th, 2011 4 people agree 0 people don't

I absolutely love this game, there is just something about it that makes me come back for more every time i play. I am amazed that this game hasn't sold many copies as yet, but I'm sure in the near future it will. The idea for this game is a fully explorable sandbox zombie survival. The player can rummage through houses and sheds looking for items of significance. The gameplay is fantastic and its hard to stop playing, although it does get frustrating when someone barges into your house and cracks you over the back of the head with a hammer. Along with there being an endless supply of ravenous zombies, there are also survivors scattered across town, they can be equipped with anything from a hammer to a shotgun and it's up to you whether to kill them and steal their goods, or let them go free, but i warn you, if you let them go free, it may come back to haunt you. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed in this game, such as the accessibility of items in your backpack, or crafting, or the character spontaneously taking his clothes off every few minutes. They could also add a lot of things which would make this game a lot better, things such as cars, new weapons, and a larger city/town/area to explore.
Overall I would definately recommend this game to anyone out there with the time & money, you will not regret buying this game.


gnuoynok says
10 gnuoynok

Aug 29th, 2011 5 people agree 1 person doesn't

One of the best games ever. Will be 100/10 with multiplayer. :)

cab435 says
10 cab435

Sep 12th, 2012 3 people agree 0 people don't

Hell fun and only getting better :D

ThisPlatypus says
9 ThisPlatypus

Aug 20th, 2012 3 people agree 0 people don't

9, just because I can't give a 10 in good conscience yet or you wouldn't be driven to do any better ;P love the game, this is my alternative to Day Z, when I don't feel like dealing with the intricacies of that.

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