Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

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Is everyone settled in? Can you hear me in the back? Fantastic! Greetings, passengers! I'm MashPotato and today I'll be your Muldraugh tour guide, giving you the inside scoop of the history, highlights, and gossip of our fair town!

Posted by lemmy101 on Feb 26th, 2013

Let's take a look a look at Muldraugh, shall we?
No, no--not that Muldraugh--THIS Muldraugh:

Since its founding in 2011, Muldraugh has undergone tremendous changes. The first rendition of our town was based on the principle of "cram everything in", and while this made for an efficient looting commute, actually living in this town was quite befuddling. And some residents had to make do without bedrooms or bathrooms.

So we ripped it all out and rebuilt the town, basing it generally upon the layout of Satellite Muldraugh. You'll noti-- Sir--SIR--please keep your arms inside the bus at all times. There are specific reasons for this. *ahem*
You'll notice that that the new Muldraugh is already much bigger than the old (the town itself is currently five cells, compared to the previous two cells), and is expanding every day. While the core of Muldraugh nears completion as we speak, the outskirts (400 cells worth) are also being developed with lovely remote locations to visit. Do you remember that "long" trek to the farm? Haha, if you plan on touring a farm on THIS trip, be prepared to walk... and walk.... and walk... seven cells. But on the way, you'll find plenty of places to camp and picnic!
What's that? Why are so many of our residents pale and walking strangely? ... lack of vitamin D. It's been a nasty winter.

And what new things can you expect to see in this new Muldraugh? You'll find your old favourites like Spiffo's, but also exciting new franchises like Pizza Whirled, places to shop and eat, and a couple of places to spend a comfortable night. Many new tiles have been created to construct these new locations (125 tilesheets are available, compared to the previous 39), and considering what previous residents have made using the old tiles, we can't wait to see what will come in the future.

But when you're tired of walking around town, what other things are there to do? How about improving your body, mind, and spirit? I'll let the lovely Romain explain with this video presentation; may I please direct your attention upward to the TV screen? Ignore the residents banging on the bus sides, they're just excited to see some tourists.

Well, that ends our tour of fair Muldraugh, I hope you'll all have fun during your stay. By the way, when you exit the bus, I suggest keeping away from the town center as much as possible. Crowds, and all that. Oh, and wear comfortable shoes. Have a good day!

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VitaminK Feb 26 2013, 2:01pm says:

can we finally get an eta on RC3? it has to be somewhat close

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liamdawe Feb 26 2013, 2:19pm replied:


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AydinDubstep Feb 26 2013, 2:37pm replied:

Just know that everyday, we get closer to release :D

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adam5278 Feb 26 2013, 3:03pm replied:

The year 2531. That's the release date. I'm sure of it.

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hagamablabla Feb 27 2013, 12:41am replied:

Right after Half Life 3.

+5 votes     reply to comment
princejericho Feb 26 2013, 3:18pm buried:


honestly i dont think i can take these guys seriously any more, i mean how long has it been since the last actual game update, are they even making it? or are they just telling us this and making some very convencing photos. i mean come on, the war z did the exact same thing and look what happened, the "fans" got ****** and demanded a refund. All those people doing that put the creater of War Z out of bussiness, and these guys are just making promises without any true results nothing tangable that I as a player can feel or experiance. We may not be able to get refunds as this was donation, but we can sure as hell make sure other people dont fall for a scam.

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twelvebravo Feb 26 2013, 5:41pm replied:

Have you bothered to check out their website?

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Vcc2cc Feb 26 2013, 6:25pm replied:

It is actually spelled "experience". But good try.

This game is $8 dollars, if you don't have it, then don't buy it or wait until a later release comes out that may satisfy you. If you already bought it, then you can probably rest assured that it will happen because it's not "The War Z" and isn't fueled by a company bent on only making money... it is fueled by a small group of developers who want to make a great game for themselves and those kind enough to purchase (more like donate at this point) their work.

If you already bought it, then I guess as a player to another, I am sorry it is not being updated frequent enough for you to enjoy.

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Feesty Feb 27 2013, 6:22am buried:


LOl war z are putting out updates quicker than these clowns and money grabbing is exactly what they are doing, I dont believe there is even a build RC3 after 2 years they havent even put out a trailer of RC3 and I havent seen a single thing that couldnt be done by modding he existing builds.

I think project fell flat on its arse a few years back but given the want for survival games they have contiuned to milk it.

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MutantBadger Mar 1 2013, 10:52am replied:


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Lorias Feb 26 2013, 6:29pm replied:

Oh man. You got my hopes up...then I went back on steam and realized that War Z has been put back on, asking for even more money, and is in fact, NOT out of business.

Thanks for completely shattering my hopes.

Also, War Z had a backlash because they tried to sell a game under a false premise. Project Zomboid is doing no such thing. You go into it clearly knowing it is a work in progress, and they say that they are taking their time on the update because they want it to be perfect for a steam release. You know, unlike other such games that you mentioned.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Feesty Feb 27 2013, 6:25am buried:


project zomboid are doing exactly the same thing as the war z, infact there was more evidence that war z was being worked on than there is for this and unless your part of the dev eteam and know something that everyone else doesnt.

all they are doing is blogging and they have put out a couple of vids that dont show anything that couldnt have been modded into the existing builds.

you really want to go and look at some other indie projects and see how well they are handled in comparison to this collection of broken prototypes

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Lorias Feb 27 2013, 7:13am replied:

Sit down, and take your medicine.

I know exactly what I'm talking about. War Z is an attrocity that was nearly unplayable. Project Zomboid at least has some semblance of proper game play. It's more of a complete game in it's current state than War Z ever will be.

And I've seen my fair share of indie projects. And being a game developer/programmer myself, I can tell you for a fact that it isn't as **** easy as you'd like to think it is.

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Feesty Feb 27 2013, 9:09am buried:


first of all there is no need to be insulting.

second I am deeply intimate with the development process having collaborated with companies like EA and rebellion just to name a few and I never once said developing was easy.

As for war z unplayable? no. a bad game yes very much so and even they update fortnightly now.

and if you have seen your fair share of indie games go look at the dead linger or dont starve and then tell me that the PZ boys are doing it right.

and who said you didnt know what you were talking about? not me, what i said was that unless your part of the dev team you have the same knowledge as the rest of us which is a few modded vids and some words from a dev

and if you are part of the deve team then drop us an ETA and Ill quite happily vanish into obscurity until said date.

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Lorias Feb 27 2013, 9:23am replied:

If you are intimate with development processes, then you know of the SDLC. My guess is these guys got it wrong the first time (Probably with waterfall) and are rectifying the situation. The lack of anything tangible doesn't suggest it's a failure, or going anywhere south more than War Z is. I've had to completely rectify a development decision using the waterfall method before, and I tell you, I'll never go back to that method ever.

If you really want to talk about money grabbing, how about we actually talk about the textbook example scam that was War Z. It clearly broke the law, was sold under false pretenses, banned legitimate paying customers,and in many cases, gouged them using microtransactions that it still has (most of which disappear when you get spawn camped). The game you so actively choose to compare to PZ is nothing short of unethical.

Project Zomboid is NOT being sold on a lie, and never was. The game is still fully playable on the 1.5, 2.0Q. and 2.5 builds. Last time I checked, that wasn't money grabbing.

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Feesty Feb 27 2013, 9:35am buried:


Both builds are broken prototypes m8 i have every version reelased installed on various machines and thats exactly what they are and when I come on the store page most of the comments are by poeple asking how do I save this or do that or asking about things that havent been implimented yet because the information isnt so publicly known and as soon as you make that info known your rated down.

Yup the war z is a full on scam and Im pretty sure it wont be long before they cut and run but Ive been saying that for ages and while you are right to a certain degree they are "working" (although I use that term in a very broad sense) to me the desura version is ok but the 2.5 is just plain broken and they are squeezing more sales by implying that there is another release which there is no evidence of and while they do cover their ***** with the disclaimer it also goes onto say that they will be updating for a long time to come which stopped about a year ago.

and now a lot of people are buying into this thinking its updated weekly but all there are blogs.

while I respect your right to an opinion you have to respect mine too and ive been following this since it was first annouced way back when and over the last year I cant help but feel theyve given up and are just putting out blogs to keep sales ticking over till someone calls them on it.

but ive said it before and Ill say it again I really hope they prove me wrong but I just dont think they will, anyway who knows with any luck they will prove me wrong and Ill look forward to bum,ping into you in game.

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Lorias Feb 27 2013, 9:57am replied:

I would also like to point out a few things before I take my leave.

1. They are trying to rectify problems for the future. Something Minecraft should have done with it's Java based implementation a long time ago. I commend them for that.

2. Unlike the Scam Z, Project Zomboid has actually been built upon a custom engine, rather than reusing assets from an old game. I don't know about you, but I'm too lazy to actually code out an entire engine, draw art, and put out multiple test builds to scam people with. Way too much work.

3. You'll remember they had a breach and lost half of the game, prompting them to recode it mostly from scratch. Why go through the trouble of that to scam people? It's at that point where you just shrug and go "welp, scam over. Time to move onto my next amazing trick".

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Feesty Feb 27 2013, 10:16am buried:


thats the point of vaporware m8 to imply theres a product I mean your even talking like youve seen and played RC3 but you havent unless your part of the dev team all the things shown in the vids could have easily been modded into build 2.5 and as for the breach they had well thats the pitfalls of running a small business they should have backed up.

when they put out something concrete that I can play then Ill believe and ill be more than happy to eat my words but until then Ill continue to advise people to stay away

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Discorded Feb 27 2013, 3:04am replied:

I think there mass producing updates and releasing them on a set day to keep people like you quiet ^^

+5 votes     reply to comment
hasaosan Mar 2 2013, 4:34pm replied:

they put out test releases *******... and btw War Z is in buisness but people asked for a refund because the dev is a lying scaming bastard

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Guest Feb 26 2013, 4:36pm says:

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mattt12 Feb 26 2013, 4:52pm replied:

Their is electric for the houses and buildings in Muldraugh awhile ago in a previous version

+2 votes     reply to comment
Discorded Feb 27 2013, 3:09am replied:

Maybe in the future we can actually go to the power plant and hydroplant to turn those much needed things back on.

+2 votes     reply to comment
tomga1 Feb 26 2013, 7:51pm says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
princejericho Feb 26 2013, 10:48pm buried:


bought the game about a year and a half, maybe a year and a quarter ago either way the only true stable build they've put up is 1.5 and thats on the main web page, the forum has 2.5RC and that is alll its had for the entire time ive played it. you're right the War Z was a company bent on making money, and that this is a small group of people, if i remeber correctly living together which means they do indeed need to make money for rent. you can be hopeful if you want to, but all theyve got is talk to show for more then a years work.

-6 votes     reply to comment
hasaosan Mar 2 2013, 4:35pm replied:

answer to your prob is the test builds they do release

+1 vote     reply to comment
Discorded Feb 27 2013, 3:10am says:

Add a walmart so i can barricade myself in the game section!

+8 votes     reply to comment
PrincessTwilight Feb 27 2013, 5:53am says:

people got no patience today just wait and see it will be good when the update comes out

+5 votes     reply to comment
carlqua Feb 27 2013, 3:05pm says:

Project zomboid will be a great game, just wait and see, they're working hard to please their crowd

+4 votes     reply to comment
K_jingles Feb 27 2013, 7:02pm says:

It seems like for all that they want to have in the game it will take some time to make it all stable and workable . I can imagine the same people who are bitching and moaning about it taking too long would do the same about the buggy builds they would get, Some features need other features to work for they them selves to work; its a kind of chiken or the egg kind of situation. I would rather the game work than have snippets of buggy code I cannot judge cause it is obviously not finished. Every one gives big box studios years to put out their buggy messes, and these guys are a handful plus they had to start pretty much from scratch and remade the engine at that. Don't Just want the game, want the game to live up to the standards we are putting on it, and with that know that proper work WILL TAKE TIME. So get over it and play something else to pass the time. The blogg posts we see are the group being fully transparent with us, their beneficiaries;we gave them money up front for an unfinished game(notice that the game is listed under Alpha funding,DUR), so they only feel it right to let us know their progressw every veiwable step of the way, the things they don't show us but only talk about is no where near ready for a proper demo. Have patience little children, Great things will come to those who wait.

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mikedog36 Feb 28 2013, 12:14am says:

im a newb to this can eny one help by telling me what to do how to get that so i can play it

+1 vote     reply to comment
FlyingMonkey59 Feb 28 2013, 11:06am says:

This looks better and better! We are well into "Utterly fantastic" territory now! My 6 year old daughter loves it too, and if multiplayer is ever a thing that gets implemented, im buying her her own copy too! Good luck guys, it's looking amazing and I wish you all the best!

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Orac| Mar 1 2013, 5:20am says:

FFS. Games take time. We're getting to see that process as it plays out. Less whinging about updates, more admiring the development process.

It's not like Project Zomboid is holding up your day-to-day lives.

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Kitanode Mar 1 2013, 9:54pm says:

I don't get the impression at all that the developers are feeding us crap and stealing our money.

I've also been following the game for at least a year and i'm glad i bought the game when i did even though i could tell it still had a lonnnnnng way to go.

I actually stopped playing it soon after buying it when the proposed updates for rc3 started to do the rounds and decidied to keep an eye on it until it came out.

Well it still hasnt came out but there's tons of other great games to play until then.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Hunter-Nail Mar 1 2013, 10:48pm says:

Clearly too many illiterate, impatient ************* invested in this game.
Believe it or not it's actually good news when a developer decides to spend more time making their game as best as they can unlike a yearly COD release or some ****.
Take as much time as you need Indie Stone.
P.S ya'll need to scrap this scam conspiracy ********, that's EA's turf and they take more than 5 ******* quid.

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YuriIvanovx Mar 2 2013, 5:17pm says:

Everyone fails to realize that this game is just in ALPHA, they didn't even have to release the game for the people to play, but they did and you should be thankful for that, Most games (And i mean 98% of games) Won't let people play until Closed beta, And in Closed beta and they only let about 20% of people play. So Feel LUCKY and feel FORTUNATE that they have a version of the game out that you're able to play, quit complaining and be patient.

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Guest Feb 16 2015, 10:59am says:

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