Project Smallbot: Light has you control Yellow Smallbot as you platform through new levels and face new challenges and enemies, as you try to track down new mysterious evil robots who have stolen the powerful artifacts from the first game. While playing through the levels you will find hidden collectibles that will tell you more about the world, from the different creatures that lurk around the levels, to the many areas you explore as you progress.


You take control of Yellow Smallbot, a more happy and expressive Smallbot than Red Smallbot and the assumed "youngest Smallbot" out of the three. Instead of a using a built-in blaster for defense, you will instead use an energy shield to protect yourself from the many enemies and obstacles found in the world. Using the shield in the air will give you gliding abilities as well to avoid dangerous spikes or to get past long deadly bottomless pits. This shield can be used for many things like lighting torches to see through dark places or melting different obstacles that will block your path. But be careful, you can only use your shield ability for so long before it dis activates and has to recharge, leaving you defenseless. The energy shield also can't defend you from every enemy in the game and will not work when underwater so use it carefully.

Enemies this time around come in many different shapes and sizes. Some enemies require to be jumped on to be killed or need to be killed using the energy shield, while certain enemies need to be both jumped on and killed with the power shield.

Some enemies from the first game will return with new designs and models as well as new enemies with different attributes will be introduced as well. Boss battles will also be introduced in some levels and will have different ways of attacking.

Levels both new and returning, are now bigger than ever. Some levels contain secret mini areas to explore. Levels will have unique features and challenges that separate themselves from each other and will be more fun and balanced than the first game. Hidden in the levels are collectibles that if found, will unlock many things in the extras menu, from challenges, to facts about levels and enemies.

Challenges are also making a return as it's own mode instead of being a level of difficulty like it was in Project Smallbot. Not only will the Smallbot Challenge return, but other new challenges will be introduced as well. Completing these challenges will unlock either more challenges or new collectibles and bragging rights.



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Know your enemies #1


In Project Smallbot: Light, each level in the game will have enemies unique to the level. Whether big or small, jumpy or static, metallic or spiky, every monster and mutant found in this game have their own attributes and abilities that can either help or hinder you on your adventure.

In this update, we’ll be looking at the monsters found in the first 2 levels of the game!

Blow Bird

Level Found: Frenzy Forest
Returning from Project Smallbot with a new look, Blow Birds are the first types of enemies you confront in Frenzy Forest. A fusion between a balloon, a cat, and a bird, Blow Birds casually fly in the air and keep to themselves… for the most part. Some Blow Birds like to flap their wings in just one place until the sunset, while others like to just fly in a circle for no particular reason.

Project Smallbot: Light introduces the Angry Blow Birds! Unlike regular Blow Birds, Angry Blow Birds get pretty mad whenever you’re close to them. They’ll chase you down until you outrun them so watch out! But don’t worry! As long as the energy shield is on they can’t hurt you at all, and they can also be stopped with a simple bounce on the head.


Levels Found: Frenzy Forest, Cave Tales
Also returning from Project Smallbot, but this time with a spike on its head due to the events in the beginning of this game, Steenhenges are big rock monsters that cannot be jumped on. Although they can’t be killed with a simple bound on the head, these stone creatures can die if their bodies are expose to a lot of heat so use Yellow Smallbot’s energy shield to quickly end them off. Just make sure your energy shield isn’t off while they bolt towards you. Steenhenges are known for not really having a purpose in life other than existing and constantly moving left and right. They do this all day and night and never stop for a break as they constantly need to move otherwise they will become normal, non-living piles of rock.

Potato Bat

Level Found: Cave Tales
A new enemy… and also a very odd one. A fusion between a moldy potato and a poisonous bat, potato bats only show up in caves and are similar to blow birds when it comes to their actions. Some like to stay in one place but most of them like to attack any living thing that doesn’t originate from caves. Soooo… basically just you.

When they see you they automatically change into a poisonous green color as they rush down to poison you. Luckily you are a robot so you are not effected by the poison overtime, but that doesn’t stop the potato bat from dealing more damage than both Blow Birds and Steenhenges when in this poisonous state. Be very careful and make sure your shield is on you when they approach you. Do not even attempt bouncing on them either. The spikes on its wings will hurt you and can do a lot of damage as well.


Level Found: Cave Tales
So what happens when you mix a computer mouse with a dirty cave rat? Well you get a mousurat, a small and poisonous rat mutant. Mousurats by far do the weakest damage and are known for not being very harmful. But these little creatures are very hard to see in the dark due to their fur blending in with the darkness very well. Doesn’t help that some of them like to move around when they can.

That’s all the enemies for now!!!

There are still a lot of enemies yet to be shown off in game. Many new enemies as well as enemies returning from Project Smallbot will be introduced as time goes on but for now we must stop with these 4 enemies.

Next Know Your Enemies Mini Update will most likely focus on the creatures that inhabit both Open Fields (Level 3) and Snow Bound (level 4).

The Frenzy Forest Update!

The Frenzy Forest Update!


A new mini update focusing on the new additions made to the first level of Project Smallbot: Light, Frenzy Forest!

Dev Update #5: Frenzy Forest, Cave Tales, Open Fields, and a playable build!!!

Dev Update #5: Frenzy Forest, Cave Tales, Open Fields, and a playable build!!!


The latest Project Smallbot: Light dev update will give light on the possible future playable built, the 3 levels that will be in it, as well as the future...

Project Smallbot: Light Dev Update #4

Project Smallbot: Light Dev Update #4


Dev Update #4: Current progression, level 3 screenshots, Twitter, and more!

Project Smallbot: Light Dev Update #3

Project Smallbot: Light Dev Update #3


Dev Update #3: Off Hiatus, New screenshots, Story changes, AND MORE!!!

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