Do you remember the survival horror genre in 90s? The atmosphere? The fear? Last summer i’ve started working on my first game and now i want to share with you this experience.

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Too many half baked games touting to be version >1.0 that don't even start up can be found on IndieDB. It is really nice to find an very early alpha which is stable and runs very well.
Keep in mind the game is still very early in dev. Still the atmosphere is great; very tense. The controls are like a 90s survival horror, which I like but some people may not.
I really like this game and looking forward to seeing it grow.


Shockingly gOOd!
In the Alpha-Version already playable. The Game seems super upgradeable. An Enrichment in the Indie-Genre when its done.
I knew it;)

Ok, I played through it again, and I must admit I was too harsh in my first impressions. The atmosphere is dark and oppressive, and the sound is (for the most part) well done. Having no health/ammo display on the screen help the immersion factor. However, there is still quite a bit here that could be better.

I won't talk about the enemies because they're obviously placeholders. I'll be patient and wait to see what their design turns out to be.

The controls are still quite bad. having "pause" and "light" as 'p' and 'l' makes no sense, as they're completely separated from every other control button. For pause, that's all right since making the pause button annoying to press may dissuade players from using it as a crutch. However, the ability to turn your light on and off should be easily accessible, without having to move an entire hand away from movement/shooting keys. Also, the directional controls work well for a following camera, but not so well with the fixed camera angles. If tank controls were an option, they'd be a nice way of dealing with the fixed angles despite their inherent clunkiness.

Other than that, it's pretty nice. I look forward to updates and seeing your progress.

I don´t really get the game at this stage. The game is a mix of nice sound and athmosperic lighting paired with cheap graphics in some areas (e.g. the ground) awkward control and no real gameplay at all. You just run around looking for nothing. There´s no story, no UI and worst of all no game menu. Considering it´s an alpha release i give it a 6, the great atmosphere is killed by cheap effects (the sudden scream face appearing) and some strange dolls flying around.



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