The hero is doing his daily jogging routine until misfortune happens and he ends up in abandoned mines. He tries to figure out the path to get out of there and the game idea is just about that get out of the place, defeat bosses along the way and collecting skills and stuff.

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This game is difficult, but possible. It's as unforgiving as a NES game, and looks like a NeoGeo game. This is basically perfect for a guy like me.

While I understand the low reviews from gamers used to the much easier modern games, I also understand why the devs made the choices they made. R-Type was also super difficult in the same way; death was punished. There isn't a check point in every room, so getting really far and dying means replaying areas quite a bit. If this doesn't sound good to you, then don't buy it. If you want a game with some challenge, well Project Black Sun is where it's at.

Another good indie game this year! :D
Oh yeah...of course this game looks like to Metal Slug but,to my opinion, it's a game with a big potential and a soul. So I'll buy it...NOW!

I waited until I sunk a lot of hours into this before giving it a proper review, and I have to say that this game is awesome. It feels like it gets it's inspiration from classics like Castlevania, Metroid, or the Megaman X series, and that's a great thing. Just like those classic series though, it is hard. It's not impossible, however, but kids who are used to easy current generation games will probably be frustrated. Those who grew up during the 8 and 16-bit eras will feel right at home. If you take your time and explore, find a few powerups, you'll start having a blast.

Things I like:
-It works on Linux! Thank you Starflower Games!!
-The controls are extremely tight. The only way to play this is with a gamepad. I use an xbox 360 controller, with xboxdrv.
-The hit detection is excellent. Along with the controls, this is important on this kind of game.
-The music. This game has phenominal music. I love the "Secret Garden" track. Even if it's not to your taste, you have to admit that the composition is well done.
-The speed of the game. This is something some people complain about, but I think it gives the game an original feel. I think the gun re-loading adds a nice challenge.

Things that could be better:
-Customization of controls. This is a non-issue if you use a gamepad (which you should), but I can understand how keyboard users must be frustrated.
-There are a few bugs, such as the game closing when changing screen resolution in the options.

I hope the developers will adress the issues that some people have with it, and I hope that everyone else will give it a try. It's definitely one of my favorite games this year.

it plays like a slightly sluggish mix of megaman and metroid, with classic enemy types from the second(although they have different sprites). however, those games were popular for a reason :P

i'm not a fan of the soundtrack, but the graphics are fantastic.

Project black sun is for me like the good old game that I played when I was kid . Metroid , Castlevania and other ... But there your skill is requiring , no rush , no spam with the gun here . I recommend this game , try the demo !

A great game ! A reasonable difficulty for a lot of fun.
Beautiful graphics and the music is just gorgeous.
The project black sun reminds me of my childhood... Don't miss this game !


As a classic Metroid fan this immediately catched my eye. However, without an Xbox360 controller I would have dropped the game again immediately. The default control scheme for the controller is okay, but for the keyboard it's simply confusing. I know what you tried to achieve (essentially mapping the 4 colored buttons to the cursor keys), however this is more confusing than helpful. Why not use cursor keys for movement, space for jumping and control for shooting? Other small things I noticed: You die too fast, even at the beginning. Also having limited ammo and obviously no way to shoot while jumping (plus delays after jumping or ducking) makes the game far more harder than it should be. Other than that... nice animations and interesting ideas (e.g. snakes running around blocks), so might grab it later on, but for now it's too cumbersome to play for my taste.

PS: How about changing graphic options so you have to hit an apply button first after changing something and then you having to confirm the changed settings once they applied? That way you'd also eliminate crashing issues making the game unplayable.

Too hard because of a poor game design...
Graphics are nice and music too...

I find the game to be quite well made, has a retro design and the game is not easy. All in all makes a great buy for the current price. Couldn't have asked for more. Oh! Wait, Version 1.02 will be coming soon. :-)

you cant play it on keyboard the controls are so bad and other than that the graphics are so good but since the controls so bad this game cant be playable for me, hope developers consider that

update: since there is a new customized controls and some new fixes i will give it 7 for now, the game still hard to be played

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