Dinosaurs have been unleashed on an old military controlled island due to an experiment gone awry. A team of mercenaries have been dispatched to contain the threat.
Primal Carnage is a multiplayer first person shooter where players must work as a team to complete game mode dependent objectives. In Primal Carnage, you can play as one of two factions: dinosaurs or humans. Both are filled with special unique classes and abilities that complement and contrast each other.
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I rarely, if ever, give games a 9/10 score - but I feel that Primal Carnage REALLY deserves it.
If I was to base my opinion simply on what was out right now; I would still give it at least a 7 out of 10. The current PC I play the game on is, in short, poor and thus game play performance is EXTREMELY 'laggy'. However, I cannot pull myself away from playing the game despite this - the lag makes it nearly impossible to win, yet I still feel a strong desire to play it rather than wait for a new PC build.
Perhaps it is simply just that I am what some may refer to as a 'Paleo-nerd'. I've been into dinosaurs since I was 4 and from the age of 6, dreamed to become a palaeontologist - I watched the films & documentaries and read the books & internet articles. Unfortunately, video-game wise, there was very little out there - none of which allowed you to play as a dinosaur (That was done well that is).
I came across Primal Carnage during my Zoo Tycoon modding days. I thought it was a new documentary! But when I looked it up, I saw that it was a new game that featured the ability to play as DINOSAURS!
I followed the development of the game from early 2011 to its release - donating money as well as my ideas & feedback (Likely a reason why I rated it so high - because I know what went into this).
The game currently is fantastic - dinosaur game play is a dream come true and human game play is a lot of fun as well. All I would say is that the graphics and some animations would need to be improved amongst some other things.
LukeWarmMedia however, have promised us Free future DLC! This means that we could get those updates alongside more playable dinosaurs, game-modes and much more for free! It is because of the potential that that free DLC as well as the current state of the game that makes me want to vote high for this game. The potential is immense!
I really hope LukeWarmMedia win big here. They deserve it. Now I'm off to play me some PRIMAL CARNAGE!

This is (almost) the dinosaur game we've wanted all our lives, especially if you grew up with Jurassic Park. The only thing somewhat hurting it right now is its lack of modes. The only two available right now are the Team Deathmatch and Get To The Choppa, which are a blast, but I can see how these could grow stale after a while. However, everything his there for support, expansions, and I'm sure some great mods in the future. If you have ever wanted to support an indie game BEFORE it becomes a phenom, now is the time.

It only lacks other game modes.


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