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Its Great Bonues Do Portal 3 With The Portal Gun As A Glove

Imagine taking one of the best games ever made, and making it 3x as good. That is what they did with Portal 2. Portal 2 does everything Portal did right, and then some. I mean look at it, its the highest rated game on Steam!

Portal 2 is a great sequel.

Story is still great and got expended on from the first game. Uncovering more of the mystery of what happened in this place. A little creepy and so thrilling.

Voice acting is terrific. A fun and funny game.

The only way this game could have been better is if the Gman actually showed up in the end.

An amazing game with fantastic gameplay and such a unique design.
and of course portals.

This Game Is Awesome Bros!
From gary my butt smells!


think it will be one of the best mods for Portal 2

hope it comes on steam

great and nice.

Repulsion Gel in a game helps a lot of people, jump off from a problems in their lives

Qubes everywhere

A really awsome game.

Great game. I especially like this game's speedrunning capabilities.

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