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Like Half Life 2, Portal 2 is one of those rare sequels that lives up to the awesomeness of its predecessor! It is so well-done and smart that it makes me wonder why so many kids are playing the overrated, long, dragged-out Call of Duty series when they could be playing these two games: PORTAL AND PORTAL 2! In fact, it ****** me off so badly that I just wanna find some of the kids' houses and burn them down with combustible lemons! (Game reference BTW) ;)

This has been my favorite game for a decently long time. Even though the story-line is very short and the game itself can be beaten within an hour, you can download maps from the Steam Workshop to keep the excitement and love for Portal 2 going. And it is not too hard to create maps themselves. I'm giving this a 10/10 because of the fact people can keep the love for it going with new maps.

-Excellent Story
-Excellent Characters
-The Story goes a Mysterious Aperture Science, but Aperture Science has a long and intresting story.

I always like story-based games, so Portal 2 is 10/10 about this.


Fantastic game gives a fantastic sequel. What else can I ask?

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il gioco più epico di sempre... sono in attesa del 3 capitolo, i personaggi sono epici, glados cattiva,ma divertente proprio come nel primo e la valve ha mantenuto un collegamento tra il primo e questo gioco... I LOVE VALVE

Love it great new turret voices and GLaDOS has a less robotic voice

best game ever.

nice gameplay and story
portal had a nice story too but this is BETTER
and it has the new source engine


NyanJaik says

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The best game ever.


lewessteer says

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as Wheatley may say, absolutely bloody brilliant! well thought out storyline, easy to play and pick up, but really hard to put down. if you liked portal (as i did), then you'll love this. :D

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