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This game is a brilliant!

this is the best pc game i have played this year
ive beat it 2 times and would beat it again

AWESOME game. Absolutely amazing. A very good puzzle.


pretty goot gam wow wowo
wowowowowowowowowowwowowowowowowowowowowowowowow rly great cool gaben nice rly cool noice memes

This game is just brilliant. What else needs to be said?

Just look up the reviews.....................

I absolutely Love this game! Great Sequel to the Amazing Game of Portal. The story continues approximately 15-20K years in the future (Depending on who you ask). Although the story has its dark sides to it, there are many humorous times aswell. Best game EVER


PotatoesCanFly13 says

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Portal 2 is a Sci-Fi Puzzle game for Windows and Mac by Valve. This game is way better than Portal 1 and is completely HILARIOUS. It also has the return of GLaDOS, who is here to torment you once again. Also, the Space Core

Portal und Portal 2 sind in ihrem Genre einfach die besten. So viel Spß hat es mir noch nie zuvor gemacht mein Gehirn richtig an zu strengen.

Portal macht eindeutig süchtig !

Das Spiel hat eine super Story ein geniales Gameplay und sogar Multiplayer / Co-Op
und dazu noch eine hamma Grafik.

Klare Empfehlung

Warnung dieses Spiel kann zu Überhitzung des Gehirns führen ^^

Like Half Life 2, Portal 2 is one of those rare sequels that lives up to the awesomeness of its predecessor! It is so well-done and smart that it makes me wonder why so many kids are playing the overrated, long, dragged-out Call of Duty series when they could be playing these two games: PORTAL AND PORTAL 2! In fact, it ****** me off so badly that I just wanna find some of the kids' houses and burn them down with combustible lemons! (Game reference BTW) ;)

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