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Game of the Year 2011.


Portal 2 is definitely one of the best games I've ever played. Valve has once again outdone themselves.
This review focuses mainly on the gameplay of Portal 2, in an attempt to keep story details and other spoilers to a minimum.

A great sequel to Portal. The game is now a full game, with a singleplayer campaign lasting around 8-12 hours. Anyone who tells you they beat it in 4 hours, or it's as long as the original is either lying, or used cheats/console codes.

The Co-Op has it's own story, and last an additional 3 or so hours.

There's a lot more humor than the original, with plenty of dark humor akin to Portal. This game got me laughing almost right off the bat.

The puzzle's aren't incredibly hard, so you shouldn't need a walkthrough for (at least most of)the game. That isn't to say the game is easy though. To complete this game, you really have to think with portals.

Although this is likely to be the best game of 2011, even if it is only the end of Q2 of the year at the time of this writing, every game does have at least a few minor letdowns:

The Pneumatic Diversity Vent seen in the games trailers are not featured in the game. This isn't a big deal at all, but the idea would still've made for some good chambers.

Some of the very complicated chambers, such as those in the Propulsion gel trailers, are also not featured in the game. This too isn't a huge deal, but it would've been great to play these. Valve's releasing some free for all platforms DLC, so hopefully chambers such as these will be featured.

For PC version mappers, the Portal 2 SDK wasn't released with the game as Valve usually does, so a little bit of sneaky-ness had to be applied to find a way to map for it. (UPDATE: The official SDK has been released.)

This was a very, cut-short Portal 2 review. Sorry if it may sound opinionated. I tried to keep spoilers out of this, so it was fairly vague.

The most amazing game you will ever play, hands down. At least in my opinion.

Well , this is one of my best games what i ever plyed/seened. I hope that there coming good mods because im planning a Portal 2 mod. And what? why the Breakdown ist does show 3% of 1. Somebady desnt like portal 2 :(

Way better than the first one.

Portal 2 continues the Portal story and adds on some more puzzle elements. Yet, in the process of adding more story (which is brilliant), it seems it has lost some of its challenge.

When I played the original Portal game, I first had a little trouble cracking some puzzles.

When I played Portal 2, not only did I complete the first 4 chapters within 3 hours, but later on, the only reason I'd usually get caught on a puzzle would actually be because I'd be trying something 10 times more complex then they'd want to do. I recognize that Portal 2 needed to be made user friendly in the beginning, but I would have appreciated a more clear learning curve. Certain puzzles near the end would confound me due to their serious vagueness, and those puzzles were a rare bunch.

Also, I think I may have found about half the easter eggs without really trying. Valve seems to be trying hard at times to make those door ways and holes in the wall seem as obvious as possible.

I realize modders will turn up the challenge, but if anyone who's beaten their way to near the end of a mod like Gamma Energy for Portal -- then they'll be disappointed at the level of easiness....

Also, the linearity and the "find two spots to make a path" type of puzzles are why this isn't an 8. I had almost no wish to play through again after beating the singleplayer once.

Glad I played this on loan...

The story is the high point of this game, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing. The ending got as emotional a response from me as my first completion of Heavy Rain.

Gameplay 10/10
sauce game!


I'm not normally a person who gives out 10/10 reviews to any game or mod as I am a relatively hard person to please, but some titles deserve nothing more!

Portal is a game series that I avoided like the plague when it was first announced by Valve, for no other reason than for the fact that it was popular and had nothing to do with the Half-Life series (or so I thought), so I just let is pass me like the wind. Eventually, I came across a sale on Steam that had the Entire Valve package for less than £30.00, which included the Portal Series, so since I had paid for them, I figured I may as well try them and well, I was not disappointed!

I loved the first Portal game, even though it was short, it had everything that I good game should have! Great game-play and a great story, and Portal 2 really improved upon everything that Portal 1 had to offer. There are practically zero faults that I have with this game.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover and that just because something is popular, doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss it. The great game-play, storyline and endless fan chambers really do make this game worth paying for. Great job to everybody involved, it takes a lot to please me, but this was no contest!

The story is brilliant. The gameplay is brilliant. The level design is brilliant. Everything is brilliant.

A great game indeed! Storyline was quite awesome, blew my mind at few places..
I also enjoyed the "scale" of levels, really gives you the impression of how huge the facility is..
Somewhere in the middle the tests around the old part of the facility got a bit dull (basicaly just looking around where can I shoot a portal..) but later the tests were cool again..
The ending was quite nice as well, and the song was lovely..

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