In the beginning, there was darkness. And in the darkness was the Mana, and in the Mana, The Visions. Populous The Beginning is a God/RTS game that puts you in command of a Shaman who can cast devastating spells to turn the battle field to her favor. However she is not the only one who has the Ability. There are three other tribes with similar "Shamans" so the only thing you can rely on is your quick wits and Strategic mind. Your follows will help you in the battle to help you become the new God of the Solar System. The campaign has about 22 levels in it. 22 levels of fun, action and major army's killing the heck out of each other! you will only be disappointed when you reach the end. One thing is that this isn't in stores anymore so there's no way of playing it now unless you buy it on Ebay or somthing.

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A fun game which is a part of my childhood


Best game!

this game is old but gold, i recommend for every RTS lover. There are also more than 10 avaliable expansions, from easy to hard, and online active community at


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