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A free C# XNA fan based Pokemon MMO that's powered by the custom made Valkyrie engine.

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PokeWorld Online is being put into the cryochamber.

Posted by NullSoldier on Mar 28th, 2010

After much deliberating I have decided to put PokeWorld on hiatus. After I went to GDC I learned and saw a lot of things. I met many developers who were far more successful and smarter than I was. This really inspired me to be a better developer and to challenge myself. Unfortunately with PokeWorld as my current project I felt like I wasn't really challenging myself and making something that was going to benefit me in the future. PokeWorld is really a long term project and it's not something that you can just _finish_.

If you don't like to read, you can watch the video which explains it as well.

I really want to thank the Fan-base for sticking with us for so long and being a great community. I would like to talk about two things, the first being is that just because I'm not working on PokeWorld doesn't mean it has to end. PokeWorld, along with the Valkyrie engine are both open source. Anyone can pick up the project and continue working on them. I hope my game will serve as an inspiration and motivation to all the half-done Pokemon clones out there. Don't sacrafice quality just so you can throw your game on the internet as fast as possible! Really strive to be better designers and developers and make fun games for people because the rewards are greater.

I'll probably write up a Post-Mortem because a few people have asked me to do so so they can see what challenges I faced while building PokeWorld.

My last thing I wanted to talk about is my new project using the same engine. I plan to build a new game that revolves around the idea of a competitive overhead 2D team-based fantasy action game where you can play online and compete with other people by playing by yourself or using split screen to coop with your friends and play online or versus bots. It will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC. It'll most likely be sold on the Xbox live indie game channel for a couple of bucks and free for the PC. Look for more information about that on ModDB soon.

Thank you ModDB, you have been very supportive and awesome!

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Mar 28 2010 says:

GDC really changes your perspective on things doesnt it?

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NullSoldier Author
NullSoldier Mar 29 2010 replied:

It definitely does, I would encourage anyone that has an interest in the industry to go there. It really opened my eyes.

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P4TRICK Mar 29 2010 replied:

Really sad to hear, but ill keep the tracking, if you ever are going to make it again ; )

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Hellsevil22 Mar 29 2010 replied:

Same here

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Kage.Ookami Mar 29 2010 replied:


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Dan911 Mar 29 2010 replied:

GDC makes me feel like an epic failure with no talent, then motivates me to do better

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Dragonlord Mar 29 2010 replied:

Don't worry, it's lots of talk but only some stuff of it is actually really true. Just go your way and don't listen all the time what others say. Just don't forget to listen when it really matters ;)

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jjawinte Mar 30 2010 replied:

Very well said Dragolord. That's the bottom line.

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LPFreak Apr 4 2010 replied:

Me too. Was a very nice concept.

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R3ven Mar 29 2010 replied:

I'm still gonna leave this on my tracking list in case you ever decide to pick it back up. Good Luck with whatever the future brings you =)

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Twitwi Mar 29 2010 says:

too bad, but I hope that you future projects will be more learnful for you

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Kev2811 Mar 29 2010 says:

oh man you have to end your projects and not to stop on the half way...
you will never become a good developer if you stop your projects..

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Milch Mar 29 2010 replied:

I agree with that.
The first thing you have to learn as a developer is to bring your projects to an end - or at least - make it opensource.

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DuckSauce Mar 29 2010 replied:

He did make it OpenSource though.

Stopping with projects doesn't have alot to do with being a good developer, at least if you're not planning to into the industry.

Thing is, if you do it just as a hobby sometimes you want to do something else and what you were doing will start feeling like work, in the industry it IS work and you can't cancel it, so I guess in that sense it does make you a bad developer... that would be without a job then xD

But really sometimes people want to do other things and since it's not a "job" he's free to do what he want, he even made it open source and all those people that will now be saying it's "easy" to finish it can take a shot at it themselves.

In terms of "smelling the money" consider the game he intends to make will be free on PC, but not Xbox live it doesn't sound that much like money hunger to me.

I'd like to wish NullSoldier the best of luck with his future projects and hope the fans here will realize the chance he's giving others to continue with the project with the bulk of the work probably done for them already.

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moci Mar 29 2010 replied:

It does not sound like money hunger indeed!

But it does make it pretty clear that he is now thinking of profit instead of just 'fun'.
His reason of stopping because he can't really _finish_ a project like this is just pretty much a bunch of BS. He just needs a reason to cancel it and this is it apparently.
I have started and didn't finish a few project myself I know how hard it is to program things or whatever.

I just read between the lines and this is what is I actually read in a nutshell:
I've had fun with this project but when talking to other people I found out that you can create games like this and still earn something while your at it. But with this project I can't without screwing you all over, so I'm just calling it quits and starting a new project with the same engine etc etc that I CAN sell.

Actually I should be glad that he did cancel it instead of doing what others do (like the ball or...) and just say "this is what you get for free, but we decided that you need to buy the other version to get a full experience".

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DuckSauce Mar 29 2010 replied:

Fair enough and it least it's not completely "dead" someone that cares could still pick it up and finish it.

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moci Mar 29 2010 says:

Wth? GDC just made you think 'hey I can actually make some money doing this stuff'.

Ok pokeworld online wouldn't be as complex as the next cryengine but it sounded fun and it would have been fun if you would actually FINISHED it.

Why can't you finish it? You've got a good map creator, add all 150 original (I don't care about the new ones) pokemons and let the level designers design the maps and you're done. You had plenty of stuff in place already.

I'm not pleased at all. Not directed only towards you of course but a lot of mods/teams smell money and decide to pull the plug on whatever they got going & made people excited about and either cancel it to begin a commercial project or cancel the free version and just made it payed.

Sad news, I was looking forward to this. So please next time don't create a fan-base only to say "nevermind I want money instead"...

Maybe I'm overreacting...... sad.

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BcForCe Mar 29 2010 says:

aww man, well that sucks and its a shame but while you were working you did a bunch of great work, sucks to c u go

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Jow3st Mar 29 2010 buried:


It was going to fail anyways.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Mar 29 2010 says:

Cancelling projects is why your feeling bad if you keep stopping things it will eventually get to the point were you have nothing to show or you can finish this game and have something interesting to show. I think people keep on putting themselves down in the industry just because someone else has a better portfolio. I say stick with it and then do something better. You won't learn if you keep stopping.

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PierreOfTheFrench Mar 29 2010 says:

I'm surprised you felt that you could not learn anything from this. Assuming your next game is still in 2D (since you mentioned same engine) I would think that you could still implement knew things into this project that would help you learn. I've been learning a lot of SDL and SDL_Net on my own time and it seems that anything no matter how useless it might seem when your done gives you great experience, practice, and forethought for the next implementation. PokeWorld seems like it would be a great learning experience even after completion, the concept is very popular. I'm looking forward to the post-mortem to see what you thought you weren't doing. Best of luck.

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NullSoldier Author
NullSoldier Mar 29 2010 replied:

I think saying, "I can't learn anything from this" is a bit drastic. I learned how to build an engine and the problems that I can run into while doing so. I also learned plenty about network and server programming. I really did learn quiet a bit in the process.

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PierreOfTheFrench Mar 30 2010 replied:

Oh, well that is good :) I would love to start a big project like this, something with replay value and a strong community base. I'd think it would be a grand resume builder (If you are going into the industry). Can never find graphic artists though :P

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renrag Mar 29 2010 says:


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Durzan Mar 29 2010 says:

I hope to hear much about your new project!

+1 vote     reply to comment
NullSoldier Author
NullSoldier Mar 29 2010 replied:

As soon as ModDB approves it. They are a bit slow..

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Dejiko Mar 29 2010 says:

Sad to hear, but good luck on your new project

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Sparky245 Mar 29 2010 says:

If only this was posted 3 days from now :(

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█Black/Brunez█ Mar 29 2010 says:

This is sad for the fans

+4 votes     reply to comment
leilei Mar 29 2010 says:

Actually, I see this is a good thing, perhaps "Growing the Riker Beard" if you will. If you ever did actually finish it, being stuck in legal hell afterward with Nintendo/Game Freak is not going to be a better alternative.

Good luck with the next, non-derivative thing!

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leilei Apr 2 2010 replied:

You can vote me down all you want for "conspired anti-Pokemon heresy", but would you want this happen to poor null?:

+1 vote     reply to comment
thecuteturtle Mar 30 2010 says:

OHH nooooo...
i enjoyed it while it lasted! Thanks for submitting anyway!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Warlock_23 Mar 30 2010 says:

Sad to hear but aye, i do see you very point in this good luck in the future

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violetblood Mar 30 2010 buried:


It got canceled because the kids who liked pokemon grew up. this game is for age range of 7 to 12 years old kids.

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moci Mar 30 2010 replied:

I'm 21, I wasted so many hours on pokémon way back. I actually looked forward to playing with a friend online just for old times sake.

You must never lose the child within!

I would take up the challenge myself but I don't have the time, and my C#/XNA is pretty rusty!

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nidmeister Mar 30 2010 replied:

I'm 19 and I am playing Soul Silver right now. Pokemon is still a big thing amongst kids. When I was queueing to buy Soul Silver there were young kids buying it looking forward to discovering Johto, as they missed it the first time around. There were also plenty of young adults and teenagers in the queue buying the game because of the nostalgia factor, or the fanboys and fangirls within them. Pokemon is not dead even now, there is still a plentiful fanbase, and I'm sure an MMO based on the original Red/Blue/Green can't do too much harm either, in fact I think it would have done rather well.

it's a shame to see it end here, and I can only hope that NullSoldier, or another talented developer picks this up sometime in the future.

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thegamer1998 Mar 30 2010 says:

thats bad

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Myloman Apr 2 2010 says:

Sorry to hear that bud. But I can see where you're coming from. Hopefully this will get to be brought to completion at a later stage. Best of luck for the future project :).

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st.ern Apr 2 2010 says:

really sad, i would love to see this game finished

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Famouz Apr 4 2010 says:

I hoped to play it someday.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Johnchief117 Apr 5 2010 says:

God dammit! I did my best to get a beta key but I couldnt, and then it just gets cancelled. :|

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