The aim of the game is to prevent the zombies from getting into your home and eating your brain! How will you do it? With a little help from carnivore plants and pea shooter plans. The game is pretty simple, there are 6 lines where zombies can move forward to your home, and you suppose to protect it with your plants. you must plan the in the right place at the right time. After ending each level you award a new plan. And of course from level to level the game is being much harder, and you have to use your mind more. Every plan have a specific duty, I recommend to plan a lot of sunflower cause the give you sun that mean money at this game.

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Plants v.s. Zombies mod Requesteru!
Plants Vs Zombies

1. Plants v.s. Zombies mod Requesteru!

3 years ago TBD Single Player Arcade

basically,I will be making PvZ mods for anyone who wants it. Any size! Any change! I can change values too! meaning stronger or weaker plants/zombies...

Candy vs zombies
Plants Vs Zombies

2. Candy vs zombies

1 year ago TBD Single Player Adventure

Welcome to the candy world, a new and colorful mod for Plants vs. Zombies. Plants and zombies changed their appearance, the green color disappeared completely...

Plant's Vrs Zombies: Queen Zombie
Plants Vs Zombies

3. Plant's Vrs Zombies: Queen Zombie

3 years ago TBD Single Player Tactical Shooter

Queen Zombie Is a mod for plant's vs. zombies. Queen Zombie(the leader of all zombies) has a giant plan to destroy your house.

Plants Vs Zombies
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Released May 2009
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