It is the year 2287, one of the first colony ships sent out by Earth arrives at the planet Maria, in the Epsilon Indi Star System. During its landing sequence, something appears in front of the massive ship that causes it to lose control and crash into the planet. Some of the colonists survive in lifeboats, but what they find is an unforgiving land filled with creatures ready to outlast the visitors from Earth. Now the survivors must explore, gather, build, create, fight, and ultimately, conquer the land.

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Jul 22 2012 Anchor

Here are some new bugs and suggestions! :D
keep up the good work!

- when you chose "nickname" you can press Enter and you skip to next row
- you can still run and fight when you have pressed ESC but the window don't follow you (even if u go to save or load u can still fight and run, but u can't se anything)
- the game stop responing when u start/load a game at 21% and then continue after 10-30 sec
- still finding it hard to target enemies (but it is very easy if you are in first person)
- there is no "death cam/animation" when you die in first person view (max scrolled in)
- if you manage to dig somewhere that you can't reach he will never stop digging. so add that you stop digging, gather,mining when you move around
- also seen ALLOT of shadows bugs, the map is like a i disco planet sometimes ;)
- you can't load a game when you are in a game, you end up in the sky and can't move.
- you can't go back to the main menu
- you can use fire torch under water?
- you can be under water forever?
- monsters get stuck very easy in holes
- small stones,trees and other stuff just disappear when you digg under them


- Auto run buttom, or run when you press right and left mouse buttom at the sametime
- Add numbers on the Actionbar, the first one should have a mouse right button
- i think you should be able to turn around in the air, when you jump now you only change the camera
- (not so important)The space ship in the begining is kinda small maybe change the size a little
- show name when you targeting stuff, example a tree or monster
- zoom in/out on minimap and worldmap
- mission progress as i said i last thred, so you don't have to have your inventory open when you gather wood and stuff
- buttoms that is in no use like "option" and "others" change them to gray
- Enable drag on charface, health bar and map, or settings (some players like to have it in upper corner)
- Enable/disable sounds/music
- Health bars over the monsters,playes
- You should really change the worldmap pointer to a triangle, so you can see where you going :P
- The building don't have any health bar at all so you never know when it will be destroyed, add that!
- If you hit the buildings they will be destroyed? sure good if you put it at the wrong place... but i would be better to pick it up..
- shortcuts would be nice example:
Inventory/backpack "B" or "I"
Character/player: "C" or "P"
Crafting: "C" or "K"
Mission: "L"
Friends: "F"
System: "ESC"
and the last button i don't know what it is? the one next to crafting

AND some other stuff!
- Maybe change the dmg and health. 5000 hp and 367 dmg on the first sword is to high, lower all dmg and health with 80% or somthing,
80% = 1000hp and 73 dmg
90% = 500hp and 37 dmg
Looks better i think :)
- And the health reg stops at 1670. is it a bug? i prefer it reg 25-50% or full when you are in non-combat
- And a fast way to change between sword and shield to gather tools would be nice to ( i know u can press 1-6 to change but you don't get the shield when you change back to the sword)

Will there be any kind of transportation later? it take forever to walk sometimes ^^

Sorry for my bad english!
// DeG

More stuff!

I don't know if you are done or half finished with the "planet" but some times it REALLY feels like you just running and running on endless grass.. some places have no trees,stones or "grass effects", even the mountains are grass? or is it just very high hills? but there is monsters everywhere.
I also find it kinda hard to see the difference beetwen the resources (mud,limestone,stone) so maybe fix better texture or somthing?
example, when you dig down the ground should be brown like mud and not green like grass.
And some are extremely hard to find.. like iron! only found it on one place so far, and it was on the ground not under the ground or in a mountain. And with limestone and copper there is no luck so far.

- torches don't disappear if you dig on them (they stay in the air)
- you can't see how many torches you have
- in the tooltip it always show that you have 0 of all stuff.
- the "disco" shadow bug is only in first person view
- the shadow on the world map don't disappear when you explore
- Swing effect on iron sword don't flow with the sword
- when you scroll in crafting window you also scroll the view
- you should not be able to dig with a pickaxe
- you should not be able to mine with a shovel
- you can't move items between pages in the backpack
- you can't see all text in mission window, add a scroll
- the amount in crafting should go back to 1 if you change item
- there is a quest named "0" and in the about window it say "0"

- you should be able to move around when you fighting
- more detailed world map and mini map ( so you can see trees, towers, NPC's, and special places like the places in "Looking for survivors" quest)
but you should only see all this stuff if you have explored!
- you should be able to throw out stuff from your backpack!
- add tooltip in crafting, so you can see dmg and stuff on weapons.

Sorry for my bad English!

// DeG

Edited by: D3nn05

Jul 26 2012 Anchor

Thanks for all your help dude! We're working to correct most of these for Av0.3. :)

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