Pixel loot raiders
A Fully Randomly generated Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

It is a 3D Random Generated Roguelike Dungeoncrawler game where you have to fight through procedurally generated dungeons, fight against monsters. Randomly generated weapons, potions and items help you to find your way through the dungeon.

pixel loot raiders

Features currently implemented:
- Random Dungeon Names and Dynamic Dungeon Textures
- Random Item Spawns
- Random Monster Spawns
- Random Spawning Boxes

- Random generated Potions and Weapons (now also with random colors / names / critical hit chance / random weapon strength)
- Random Generated Treasure Chests and Items
- Climbable objects like ladders and vines

- Pressure Plates, Pushable Boxes and Movable Walls
- Traps
Features currently in development:
- New much quicker dungeon algorithm (Dungeons now generate out of blocks instead of predefined randomized rooms)
- much more detailed rooms
- better item system
- a new dungeon level system
- hidden treasure rooms

Planned Features:
- Npc Villages
- Trade with npcs
- Equipable Randomly generated Armor
- Rune system
- Boss Enemys

Play The Current Alpha Version here : Dl.dropbox.com
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Pixel Loot Raiders Pre Alpha 0.7:

While the game is in Pre Alpha state it can be played here for free: Dl.dropbox.com
Current Version: Pre alpha 0.7

This has been added to the game:dep

- Endless Dungeon Depth
- Dungeons now have an endless number of floors
- Lower levels of the dungeons can be accessed through trapdoors
- Weapons and enemy get stronger on lower dungeon levels

- Tweaked Enemys:
- Enemys are stronger in lower levels of the dungeon
- Critical hits are shown in a yellow color
- Critical hits tripple the damage done to the enemy
- Less Enemys will spawn
- tweaked Enemy strength
- bats have a new color
- enemys that were hit are colored red for a half second

- General Additions and Changes:

- Added a title screen
- Added basic title screen Music
- Weapons have now a strength value
- Weapons deal a random amout of damage

- Bugfixes:
- Fixed Duplication Bug

Pre alpha build 0.6 released and ready for testing

Pre alpha build 0.6 released and ready for testing

News 2 comments

Pre alpha build 0.6 contains many new features like the new examination system, Openable Wooden Doors and Iron Gates, Interactable Bookshelves and Rusty...

Pixel loot Raider - Pre Alpha Build 0.5 released

Pixel loot Raider - Pre Alpha Build 0.5 released

News 2 comments

The pre alpha version 0.5 has been released. It includes the new procedurally generated terrain, item dropping, a new Health UI as well as a much higher...

Pixel loot Raiders - Pre Alpha 0.35 released

Pixel loot Raiders - Pre Alpha 0.35 released

News 0 comments

Pre Alpha version 0.35 has been released. It adds Traps to the dungeon generator. It also adds a gameover screen and multicolor Texts to the game.

Pixel loot Raiders - Devlog 05 + Pre Alpha Version 0.3 released

Pixel loot Raiders - Devlog 05 + Pre Alpha Version 0.3 released

News 3 comments

This Devlog is about the new items, the torch system, random generated banners , the new bottom textures and other little additions

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Keep on, keeping on my friend!
Tell me, will there be an alpha demo anytime soon?

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ChrispGames Creator

I will release the first pre alpha build soon. Its a really early build so do not expect to much

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well trying out the build and I would like to mention a few good fixes.
Mouse functionality- Like use being left mouse click, and looking without the buttons.
Walking speed is a little too slow for my taste, I end up keeping my hand on shift, so I suppose a button for "always run" is good.
Other than that it's a good alpha build.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChrispGames Creator

Thanks for your feedback
- Mouse support is allready planned.
- I also think the walking speed is to slow so I will make it a bit quicker

Reply Good karma+2 votes

how much programming did you have to know to make something like this in unity?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChrispGames Creator

I have knowledge in programming for about 4 years, but i started learning unity just 1 year ago. I think it is a really simple programming language and it is easy to learn. Of course there are also scripts that i made for my game that are more complicated than others.
I currently have only 29 Scripts for my game :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

23.Also in the dungweons will t here be secret areas or in the overworld will there be secret dungeons witrh specil enemys or loot?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

also last one

21.Will there be many traps that will be in the dugneons?

22.Will their be a alchemy system or crafting system?

23.Will the dugneons have diffrent entraces(exaple mayvbe theres a holer in the overword in whtich you have to climb down to ghet to that dungeon?

Again thanks for answering!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChrispGames Creator

21. Of course
22. Maybe
23. Currently there is only 1 entrance per dungeon but maybe I will add multiple entrances to the game
24. Yes there will be secret areas and yes also secret dungeons

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Awsome loo game il be tracking few game few questios

1.Will there be many types of dungeons?
2.Will there be ltos of variety in m,onsters?
3.Will there be ltos of weapoin types?
4eWill the overlord be empty oree will it contain enemys and maybe specil palces liek a forest or something?

5.Will there be a skill tree?

6.Will there be lots of diffrent types of enviroemtns?

7.Will there be random genrated quest in thge dugneons and the voerworld?

8.Will the ovberwolr dbe empty will will it contain stuifff like ruins or specil places to vist?

9.Wi,ll the weapoins have aloput of unqiue art

10.Will it be drm?

11Are you going to relase alphas to the public so that we can see your progress of the game?

12.Will there be collectibles in the dungeons like specil stuff?

13.Will the game have any other unlcokbler modes maybe like new game plus?

14.Will this be a logn game?

15.Will you have ltos of bosses?

16.Will there be diffcuilty levels?

17.will there be a hardocre mode(whitch means maybe you start with only 4 hearts or something and eneiems are stronger?

18.Will there be easter eggs maybe referces?

19.Will there be a fully fdeatured game

20.Will you add differnmt typoes of towsn to the overword with npc to get quests and to speak with?

Sorry for all the qaujewstions for a single man this looks Awsome(espassily in two days) il deffily be tracking this!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChrispGames Creator

Ok you had so many questions:
Here are my answers:
1. Yes I have planned many types of different Dungeons
2. Yes I will try to implement many monsters
3. I am not sure about that yet. Planned are Bombs, Bows and Melee Weapons generated out of 3 different Parts that will have Random Colours and Random Effects
4. Yes the Over world will contain enemies. At the moment the Over world does not really look good and all Islands are very similar. But sure I will constantly try to improve the over world
5. Yes I think I will add a Skill tree in later development but this is far away. At the moment I have to concentrate on the basic features of the game
6. The Dungeons will look different. But I am not sure about the over world yet
7. Currently not planned but maybe I will add it
8. Yes the Over world will Contain Places Like Ruins and Dungeon Entrances, Monster Spawns, Item Spawns etc. I also have some mini Dungeons Planned. Basically for example you dive in the water and find an old underwater Ruin Entrance. If you go in a small level will load (basically this contains 1 or 2 rooms) which will for example be filled with water and a random item will be on the bottom.
9. Yes I will paint some cool items. Some will call Unique items which are special items like for example Hover Boots , which give you the ability to fly horizontally or Shoes which make you quicker etc. Other Items Like swords will have random parts(as I already said) made of random Materials
10. If you mean online authentification: I have currently not planned that
11. Yes Before I will release the alpha version of the game I will release free pre alpha builds
12. Yes
13. Currently not planned
14. endless
15. Yes (as soon as I implement a good enemy system: D)
16. Maybe I will add difficulty levels, but this is not sure yet
17. See 16.
18. Maybe? :D
19. ?
20. At the moment I have not thought about that

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How well will this run on slow computers?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ChrispGames Creator

at the moment i am not sure about that. Dungeons should run smoothly without any problems but the overworld is currently a bit laggy on older computers.
I will try my best to get it running smoothly on older computers too

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ok well keep up the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ChrispGames Creator

I recently made an update to my game. The Overworld should now also run smoothly on old Computers. I also decreased the loading time to about 1 second instead of 2 minutes :D

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