Pitman is a turn-based rogue-like with boardgame style. Everything you desire is inside the randomized dungeons: Dwarfs, trolls, golems, treasures, potions, magic, hammer, bow, much more weapons, ... and don't forget the monster moles and pretzels!

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Nice little game, and there's more to it than you might have expected from the screens or the demo. Tilesets, enemies, items and spells vary quite a lot and the trickier later levels and more advanced spells (no spoilers) allow some interesting tactical twists.

A little more polish wouldn't hurt, however.
While the tiles, lighting, most sounds and especially the music are all fine, the characters and mobs could do with a little more detail.
The lack of any character animation and the minimalistic to non-existant visual effects are a little disappointing.

I understand that it's meant to be "board game style" and probably all the characters and critters are supposed to be figurines, a bit more visual "oomph" and eye-candy would still make it much more enjoyable.

Some sort of scoreboard or online-highscores would also make it more motivating.

Nevertheless, I liked it a lot and it's an interesting spin on the roguelike-theme. Absolutely worth the low price.

Nice, relaxing game with randomly generated chambers. It's simply game but you want to play it to the end.


Not bad, delivers fun for everyone however gets boring quite fast if you are not into dungeon games genre.
Some more figthing tactical options/abilities would make this game much more appealing to me.
However, if you are a big fan of roguelike dungeon (crawler?) games you can add a point or 2 to my rating, you like this game for sure.

I love these kind of games, for the low price it was totally worth it. I really like the way the new sections of dungeon are created, and at the same time it needs more variety. Come on, don't be a pussy, add more stuff man. :D

I've only played for a few minutes, but the mechanics seem solid and building the map is cool. I wish I could preview items on the floor a little easier, but maybe I just didnt' get the controls down.

I've played a bit more and there is definitely too much mousing involved in picking up items and changing equipment. Switching between ranged and melee takes 4 mouse clicks. I'd also like to see a wider a set of abilities to make use of. Despite these small flaws the game is entertaining and the board game style fits well with the gameplay. A little cleanup to make inventory management quicker is all it needs.


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