You wake up on an abandoned spaceship. Shortly after, a text-log, left by doctor Heartman, catches your eye. Its content speeds up your pulse. You don’t believe what you see while your heart is thumping abnormally in your chest. Calming down, keeping your mind under control and collecting your thoughts is what you need right now. You think you hear footsteps; suspicion that the doctor is lying about everything would cross your mind if it wasn’t for a sudden, inhuman scream.

Phantaruk is a small survival horror video game. You will stand against an evil in its material form. You have to avoid the monster which traverses abandoned “Colonial-02” corridors and leave the spaceship alive.

The objective would be much easier if it wasn’t for the fact that you had been infected by a mutagenic virus and were a test subject for a vaccine. What does the virus do to a living tissue? This is what you have to experience on your own skin.

Our website:


After two months of development since last ‘Phantaruk’ demo release, we proudly present you a new version. Despite the game being still in an early phase of development, we decided to have this form of communication with players instead of just listing new features we added.

However, before I say anything about major changes included in version 0.8.4, I have to mention that we received a lot of good ideas for gameplay improvements during Digital Dragons (which, by the way, was a big, awesome event for game developers in Cracow, Poland). There, we got our own stand where people from game industry and media were able to play our game, comment and give us some pieces of advice. I have to say it: that was a huge success for us. People said that they loved and enjoyed the tension and we didn’t hear any complains about little gameplay issues. (Okay, I have to admit – one, and only one!, player fell under the map. But quick restart did the job and everyone was happy again.)

But what about the changes, you might ask? This time I decided not to include a whole changelog because it was reaaaallyyy huge and I think that minor changes like “changed pills’ colour to red” or “fixed textlog 0105” won’t be of any use to you. Instead, I’d like to talk about major changes.

New level

Yeah, we implemented a whole new level into the version. It comes before the one you were already familiar with because it was supposed to be a starting point of the game. I don’t want to spoil anything and say what will happen there so I’ll just mention that it is preparing you for bad things.

One more thing: be ready for a start in a really hard way as we haven’t included any tutorial or starting cutscene, yet.

Furthermore, we are proud of how the sound setting of the game is evolving. It’s not entirely ready yet but is going in the right direction. What might be surprising to you, we want to go away from ‘Amnesia’ or ‘Alien: Isolation’ style of audio where ambient sound effects are just too noisy (don’t get me wrong, it’s great in some way). At the moment, ‘Phantaruk’ doesn’t have all the sounds that we are planing to add but they do their job fine.


I’m loving it! I’m really proud of this piece of our game. We kicked out almost every slice of the HUD and put everything in one place – medpad. It’s something like a small personal computer where you can get every information you need: textlogs, audiologs, objectives or even inventory (yes, we implemented inventory, too!).

Medpad has two important functions. The first one stops the time and allows the player to do stuff like using items or reading the logs. The second allows you to quickly check poison level in main character’s body and the heartbeat. It is really useful because you don’t have to pause the game every time you want to check how close to kicking the bucket you are.

Leading the player

We changed a lot the way we guide the player through the spaceship. We will not lead you by your hand and show where everything important is but, on the other hand, moving through the entire corridor maze should be less confusing and brutal. We achieved that by closing some routes and adding some leading points like holograms attached to the doors – they display the names of the sections of the ship. Thanks to those, when you are entering, let’s say, the administration section, you will know it is administration section.

Unity 5

Small and, at the same time, huge change was upgrading from Unity4 to Unity5. It gave us many new options in handling lighting, materials and optimizations. We haven’t dug through all available options, yet but we surely are going to.

What we haven’t impleneted yet?

And here we are, at the best part – what’s coming in the future. I will make it quick:

  • a new Phantaruk model with brand new, shiny set of animations made at motion capture session,
  • final version of the medpad GUI,
  • final version of Phantaruk’s AI (it is a little dumb… for now),
  • 7 new levels (but they will be available only in the final release),
  • lots of new sound effects and music tracks,
  • cutscenes,
  • audiologs,
  • randomization on levels,
  • challenge mode,
  • better optimization,

So, it’s all for now. Just go, play and share your opinion – it’s really important for us. You can also check our website: and our facebook profile.

Download the demo from:

Patryk Polewiak.

Phantaruk is Greenlit!

Phantaruk is Greenlit!

7 months ago News 0 comments

We are happy to announce that ‘Phantaruk’ made it to Steam via Greenlight. In other words – we got Valve’s attention and Gabe’s employees opened...

HUD-making autopsy and tips

HUD-making autopsy and tips

7 months ago News 0 comments

Today I’d like to tell you something about designing GUI for ‘Phantaruk’. Creating a working, immersive system is not an easy task, that’s why...

Demo release date

Demo release date

8 months ago News 0 comments

We decided to release a demo version of our game, ‘Phantaruk’, a horror where its mood is created without jump-scares.

Phantaruk is on Steam Greenlight!

Phantaruk is on Steam Greenlight!

8 months ago News 0 comments

It’s happening! ‘Phantaruk’, our small game made after hours landed on Steam Greenlight and is waiting for your help and “YES” votes.

Phantaruk Demo v.0.8.4

Phantaruk Demo v.0.8.4

8 months ago Demo 1 comment

Phantaruk is a small survival horror video game. You will stand against an evil in its material form, a monster which traverses abandoned “Colonial-02”...

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Drone_Locker Jun 8 2015 says:

Amazing game with a incredible atmosphere. Finish it already!!! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kordgorn Creator
Kordgorn Jun 8 2015 replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Maineiacs Jun 6 2015 says:

I recently played the new demo and I have to say I can't wait for the full release. The graphics and design are quit good and the lighting effects work well with the environment. I also did a video on the new demo and look forward to doing a full play through of the game.

YES I'M SURE I DON'T NEED A HUG! | Phantaruk Demo:

+2 votes     reply to comment
Mrkingofmetal Mar 30 2015 says:

Hey dude. I played your game :D it was actually really hilarious. The Monsters are glitched. And they where running through the wall :D

Anyway here's my gameplay :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kordgorn Creator
Kordgorn Mar 31 2015 replied:

Thanks for sharing! You were pretty scared ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Szamer Mar 23 2015 says:

I found this game really fun and creepy which means ill have another go at it when i get time. The monster was so awesome at the same time as scary especially when i walked right into it haha anyway the game looks awesome and has lots of potential good job.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kordgorn Creator
Kordgorn Mar 24 2015 replied:

Thanks for review and awesome let's play! :) If you have any ideas about gameplay just give us a hint to consider.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Kiloscott Mar 15 2015 says:

My let's play -

I finally got to check out this awesome looking game! I really liked it. It's a very fun demo even though I'm kind of bad at it. It's very creepy and it feels like a constant race against the clock because you need 2 things, resources and to make progress. You'll constantly be looking for things to stay alive and it makes for a tense atmosphere.

The monster is very well done. It's not extremely tough to keep out of his way but he'll chase you and catch you if he does find you. I also really like it's design too. It's very creepy as I said. ;)

The only thing I found that was a bit annoying was how the game didn't pause when you're reading the logs. Your "Rem" still goes down when you're reading and that sort of made me feel inclined to only skim over the logs to find important door codes instead of getting immersed in the story.

Other then that one thing I think this game is great! I'm impressed and will be playing it again! I can't wait to see what you have in store next.

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Kordgorn Creator
Kordgorn Mar 18 2015 replied:


Thanks for recording and sharing this awesome video. We are really happy that you liked our game!

Your opinion is really important. In the next version of 'Phantaruk' one of the changes will be that Rem doesnt raise so fast when reading logs (we are thinking about implementing something like a "focus mode" - when you are in inventory, everything else will be in slow-mo).

Thanks again!

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linyuheng2000 Mar 15 2015 says:

This game looks good.How much for the full vision?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kordgorn Creator
Kordgorn Mar 15 2015 replied:

Free or 3-5$. We will see. :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
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