A fully dynamic haunting-simulator. Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice. SEE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS BEFORE PURCHASING. Test out the beta to make sure the game will work on your computer. Features: Free Content Updates: New scenarios, locations, characters, gameplay mechanics, and more! Sleep System: Switch to static cameras to watch the house as you sleep. Creepy Sound Design: Headphone users rejoice! Controller Support: Xbox 360 controller and Mouse & Keyboard support. Dynamic Hauntings: No haunting is ever the same thanks to the complex action-reaction and randomization system I made. First-Person Camera: Much like Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project, the view is that of the camera. Intricate Ghost Story: Uncover the mystery through journal entries. Graphics: Unreal Engine 3 makes Paranormal look amazing, implementing many of the latest graphical advances. Push your computer (and sanity) to the limits!

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Best game ever

This game is a pure haunt, the only minus is the price

The game is just simply wonderful. I just have no words to explain it.


bobisaball says

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a truly uniqe game great all toghther
-fun after one play though
-is scary with out the usaual pop out really scaries you in a imersive way
-reminds me of paranormal activety the game and thats not a bad thing
-has a back story
- really really like how the more nites you go through the more scary it will get and different scares will happen
-interactive stuff like your phone, computer,doors,........
-best vissaul horror game ive seen in a very long time
- kindve short
- stuff they did not take a lot of time on just look stupid like the baby in the mirror they could of just took that out
-grage barley has any thing in it to do a huge disapontment since the that was the last beta before the game relesed
-a bad way to die on the last nite


All the screen appears black, please fix it!

This game is totally rocking! I really wish that it wasn't so laggy on my Mac, but it's great.


Full review: Egamer.co.za

nice game


Well put together and different

its scary

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