A fully dynamic haunting-simulator. Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice. SEE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS BEFORE PURCHASING. Test out the beta to make sure the game will work on your computer. Features: Free Content Updates: New scenarios, locations, characters, gameplay mechanics, and more! Sleep System: Switch to static cameras to watch the house as you sleep. Creepy Sound Design: Headphone users rejoice! Controller Support: Xbox 360 controller and Mouse & Keyboard support. Dynamic Hauntings: No haunting is ever the same thanks to the complex action-reaction and randomization system I made. First-Person Camera: Much like Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project, the view is that of the camera. Intricate Ghost Story: Uncover the mystery through journal entries. Graphics: Unreal Engine 3 makes Paranormal look amazing, implementing many of the latest graphical advances. Push your computer (and sanity) to the limits!

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magnaxeon says

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Ossom ! I like alot ! this ! but... ITs tooo Shooort >.< ! and Some textures are ugly :c <3 but the game is ossom ! Thx for the key <3

Great sound and visual effects, programming side is kinda meh at times though :/

Epic! :D

Very good horror game. Tense the whole time, freaky story, definitely worth playing in the dark with headphones. The sound itself is enough to make you scared. If you think you can handle scary games, this is certainly worth playing. Instead of jump scares, it gets under your skin in a way most games don't. Maybe one day, I'll even be able to convince myself to finish it....

best indie horror game

actually terrifying

Not perfect, but still good!

This game is very awesome at first, but doesn't last forever. I can't wait for Paranormal: the town, which is the sequel, should be great!


ScreamScreen says

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I voted 9 out of 5 things I focus on when reviewing, it's Quality, Scares, Lag, Length and Story :D (atmosphere and stuff like that is included in the Quality!)

Quality: First of all, the atmosphere, you did a great f*cking job on that xD Creepy as hell! The mannequins are also creepy because I really hate mannequins xD All the small details are so well made! Good job a worthy, BIG 9! (oh btw, what I wonder, is/was there a save button i the full game?) Scares: I had my scares and jumpscares with this game, the way the screams and all of what that is happening in the game can scare you xD But as you know how the gameplay goes, things starts to get not so scary anymore (in my opinion) still a great atmospheric game! Lag: Never experienced lag with this game so, 10! Length: I do not know how long it is, because I have only played the beta and it's only 8 euros so, who knows, maybe I'll buy it later on? From my research it's like 40 minutes long? Not very long, but you know, alot of stuff happens and maybe it's best that it ends early :P Story: In the beta, there isn't very much story I think, it's a long time since I played it so, my memory is kinda not to good about it, but it makes sense that his house is haunted and he wants to record it and show he is not crazy and doesn't wanna become famous on the internet :D Enough for me xD

Quality: 9 - Scares: 8 - Lag: 10 - Length: 7 - Story: 9 The length is what makes me wonder, is it worth buying? But all in all a great indie horror game worth to try out, I would definitely pay 8 euros, it's not that much, if people bitch about it costing much, that's ridiculous, get money :P (no offence :P)

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