Paranautical Activity combines the classic FPS action of games like Doom and Quake, with the randomness and difficulty of modern roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky. It's available now on Desura for $9.99. Buying the beta get's you all future updates for the game, as well as the full game when it comes out. Visit our webstite at to stay up to date on upcoming patches, and the latest developments.

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I'm loving the new update. It makes it feel like a true roguelike since the bosses change more.

This is an amazing game, if you played The binding of Isaac you will most
likeyly like this. Awesome job on this game. Good graphics, awesome sound track, good and challenging rooms. and the bost boss item ever BLUBBER


Props given where they are due.

This is such an addictive game. I give it a 10 because even though it's not even finished, I've whittled countless hours away at it. The updates are fast and furious, increasing the addictive personality of the game. I love it to death.

Horrible game by the most cowardly and pathetic devs I've ever seen. Won't even stay around the forums on Steam to answer questions because of the overwhelming number of people who know these developers are ****.

These guys can't face criticism, they even said themselves that they can't handle being around forums that they're obliged to answer questions in because "waaah someone might make fun of us"

Made by whiny children, terrible game, it's been out for several days now and is already trailing behind Infestation: Survivor Stories on the top sellers.

Guess these guys won't be counting their "stacks of money"

Mike is gonna have to buy his meth some other way! ;D


1ndie says

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I freaking love this game! It's so fun. It's like a 3D Binding of Isaac. Random weapon, random rooms....

Everything about this game is fantastic. It might be a bit short on content in terms of enemies, weapons, traps and items; but that doesn't stop it from still being loads of fun and having amazing replayability.
It's a hybrid of Binding of Isaac and Doom, with the floor generation and item collecting of Isaac and fast-paced shooting of Doom, and it does it well enough that it's its own game and doesn't feel like it's trying to replace either of those two.
The art style, while simple, is well-done. It's appealing to look at despite textures being pixelated and models being blocky. The lighting is interesting as well; enemies, projectiles, and explosive barrels all stand out amongst the darkness in each room, making them easily recognizable even when you're running around the room too fast to get a good look at everything around you. It's exciting to see a thick blur of light on the ground because you know there's a large mass of coins laying there waiting to be picked up.
The electronic music is also good and fits the mood of the game very well. I enjoyed every track despite electronic not even being my preferred music genre.

Overall, this game is well deserving of a 10/10 score and for being only $6 to purchase a copy it's definitely worth buying and supporting the devs. I very much look forward to seeing what new content gets added in the future.

I recently just updated (it's AMAZING!) and I must say, THANK YOU for nerfing (did you nerf?) the first few floors, because I can actually play through the first floor (I still can't beat the boss and those big demon things though, those are annoying XD) and I love the new weapon(s?)! The Sickle is just awesome. Absolutely AWESOME.

I really enjoy this game, he is so nice and amazing.
I also like the retro graphics and the fast FPS gameplay. And the weapons are also funny and goodly made.

Fun game. Get's too easy if you get the right power ups at the right time.

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