Paperthin is a randomly generated platformer focusing on replayability, rogue-like aspects and smooth, minimalistic gameplay. No two levels are the same and there are procedurally more difficult enemies between you and your distant goal. Gameplay is fast-paced yet precise, deep and flowing. This game features a bleak, abstract aesthetic with a hint of retro-pixel graphics in a grey and changing world.

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TheRealFuzz says

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Amazing art, music and gameplay. Definitely recommended!


Noah_W says

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Radomly generated games are good in theory, but rarley good in execution, Paperthin is the best example of it paying off. This game has just so much replay value that is a game I find myself keep coming back to. Paperthin nails the gameplay with spot on control. You will have a great time with this game, and it is deffinitly worth your money.


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