Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a direct sequel to 2001's hit combat simulation game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and the expansion pack Operation Flashpoint: Resistance.

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OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

98% - OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod

3 years ago Released Oct 2010 Single Player First Person Shooter

Hi, This is sw33tsp0t. I am proud to present to you Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod. This Mod Takes OF:DR And Maximizes its...

Squad Level Tactics
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

99% - Squad Level Tactics

10 months ago Released May 2010 Single Player Tactical Shooter

Squad Level Tactics is a mission for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising that focuses primarily on the players ability to command a squad of AI soldiers...

This Is War
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

89% - This Is War

11 months ago Released Sep 2011 Single Player Tactical Shooter

This is war is an all out war scenario that plays itself out on the island of Skira. As you embark on your journey, you can recruit soldiers into your...

Operation Flashpoint 2 Missions
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

61% - Operation Flashpoint 2 Missions

3 years ago Released Oct 2009 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

German : Ich werde in den nächsten Monaten Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Karten gestalten und veröffentlichen, diese werden als Kampagne zusammengefügt...

Long Road Home
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

0% - Long Road Home

9 months ago Released Sep 7, 2014 Single & Co-op Tactical Shooter

Long Road Home is a mix of fan fiction and story driven campaign gameplay for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Windows, X360, PS3
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Released Oct 2009
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