Open-Source reimplementation of Westwood’s Command & Conquer: Red Alert game engine, updated to use the hardware acceleration of modern video cards using OpenGL and OpenAL for sound playback. It runs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The game was designed with modifiability in mind, but is not identical to the original. Campaigns and mods made for the legacy game won't work out of the box.

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Bring back awesome memory ;__; old school..

I can only find two of the campaign missions. That was what I was looking for. But it works pretty well and is true to the orignal game.

C&C improved in any way possible.
Hotkeys for buildings,waypoints,rallypoints, better balance,etc... just awesome!


Taking an old classic game and building a new engine around it to make it flexible and compatible with more than just the original game, this is a great example of reviving the old into a new game and giving it the chance to be more than the original.

Awesome Game, Reminds me of the good old days.

I've been trying to get C&C 95 as well as RA95 to run on my system forever. It can be downright frustrating getting them to work on a newer system and I had given up all hope. Then I found this. It allows me to play more or less the same games plus Dune 2000 but with a better interface, skirmish modes and online play. Overall excellent game and a huge relief to those who love the original C&C games but can no longer run them.

This gave deserves 20/10.


This game make me Nostalgic :D

OpenRA makes the best even better by making the classic moments of the 90's more enjoyable and having it to support newer operating systems. Not just by fixing graphical glitches and game-ending bugs.. But by polishing the whole f*cking engine and adding tons of new features that we only could have dreamed about. Multiplayer is made 200% better by adding teams and.. Holy **** is that Dune2000?!
This totally kicks ***, and never gets old like the two buddies from Wayne's World. 10/10.

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