Olvand is a little multiplayer sandbox RPG, where the players live in self-built towns and can go on all kinds of adventures together. Imagine living with your friends in a small town in the mountains, or creating a new group of friends in a pub in the metropole you all live in. There will be several mini-games the inhabitants of a server can play together, among which will be combat based games like King of the Hill or Capture the Flag. You will be able to play against other people in your city, or as a city against another city, or as a whole server against another server. The combat works with self-built guns, in which all kinds of powers can be combined to create unique effects.

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May 5 2013 Anchor

So first up is the different icons.
User Posted Image

Notes about each one:

Heal - if you shoot another player with this, duel or not they'll recover health, it can also be combined with other things but that'll be later.

Fire (Red) - Basic damage and short distance, also used to light up underground caves.

Mine - Lays a landmine which causes damage to you or anyone who steps on it.

Spread - Shoots a single bullet that splits into 5 in opposite directions (<--o-->)

Fire (Blue) - Less damage (I think) but goes further, also it can be used to light up underground caves.

Ice Block - Creates a single ice block to hide behind, stops attacks temporarily, Also if you hit an enemy with it it'll freeze them temporarily.

Now, for the gun icons

User Posted Image

And the notes about them:

In - Takes in bullets, used to combine different shots or speed them up (Further down).

Out - Spits out bullets, used to combine or redirect shots.

Pause - Holds bullets for a moment, helps with timing and such.

And - Waits for both inputs before firing a shot.

Or - Waits for one input or the other.

Orb Generator - Creates a 'fake' shot and spits out the original.

Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with boolean operators so I'll break it down to basics (with pictures, yay.).

In and Out (Heh.)

When a bullet approaches the In side, it'll be transported through the wire and end up wherever the out side is, a like so.

User Posted Image

Sounds simple right? Two in-gates can be connected to the same out-gate, meaning you can combine effects.

K, stay with me now, this is where it gets interesting, as you may know you have 3 shot buttons, Z, X and C, but you have 9 slots for different shots, However, by shooting a bullet into the other slot, it'll change effects.

What does all this have to do with the picture? Well everything, this is a very simple combination, (Or maybe it's overly complex, I don't know, that aside though..) If you look at the picture, only 1 shot is actually on the ZXC keys, the blue flame, so by firing I should end up with a blue flame, but then this guide would be pointless, so, somehow the blue fire gets combined with the red fire, we have two in gates, two out gates, a pause and an orb generator.
User Posted Image

When the blue fire bullet is shot, it activates the Orb generator, which sends a 'fake' bullet into the red fire area, now this is important, In and out gates ONLY WORK FOR THE DIRECTION THEY'RE FACING Got it? Good, So, the fake orb is generated and it is fired out at the red fire, which causes the red fire to activate, great now we have two different elements active at once, the red fire is picked up by the in-gate and spat out into the pause gate, which combines them then sends them on their way, resulting in purple fire (How cool is that?)

I could explain more in detail, but it's more fun to get out there and try it, I didn't explain much about the AND and OR gates, but they are pretty much self explanatory, the AND gate requires two inputs to work, BUT only sends out the top input, the OR gate is practically the same but it'll choose one OR the other.

A note I didn't have a place for: When using ANY of the gates, the original shot will be fired out the TOP exit, got it? First shot on top, so if you hook it up to an orb generator, like I've done and the top output of the orb generator goes backwards you'll wind up with just a plain old boring red fire.

Combinations :

I'm not going to post pictures for this part (Why Yuki why!?) Because it'd take forever and really the effects are not difficult to grasp, So here they are in no particular order, as well as any notes I have on the subject.

Heal + Mine - Creates a mine that heals someone as opposed to blowing off a limb.
Heal + Ice Block - It creates a slightly lighter shaded ice block, that's it.
Heal + Fire (Either) - Same as the ice block, slightly lighter color.
Heal + Spread - Like the original Heal, it'll heal anything it hits, in this case it spreads (<--o-->).

Fire (Red) + Fire (Blue) - Purple fire, Lasts the longest out of the three, good for mining but also capable of digging out walls (Thus it's hard to use sometimes and you end up breaking a wall instead of lighting up the area).
Fire + Heal - Light colored fire (Might heal enemies?).
Fire + Ice block - Creates a puddle of ice, fun to slide on, not much use otherwise.
Fire + Spread - Creates a wall of fire 5 blocks wide.
Fire + Mine - Makes a fire based mine, (Stronger than usual mine or fire)

Mine + Spread - Lays down 5 mines in a line (Fun at parties.)
Mine + Fire (Blue) - Long distance mine with extra damage potential (Red is better.)
Mine + Fire (Red) - Is better.
Mine + Ice Block - Freezes you in place if you step on it.
Mine + Heal - Heals the one who steps on it.

Spread + Fire (Either) - Creates a wall of fire, blue goes further.
Spread + Heal - Heals in a line.
Spread + Ice Block - Creates a 5 block wall, REALLY good for defending yourself from monsters and such.
Spread + Mine - Drops a bunch of mines in a line.

Ice Block + Fire (Either) - Icy puddle.
Ice Block + Heal - Light colored block of pointlessness.
Ice Block + Spread - Ice wall, 5 blocks wide.
Ice Block + Mine - Creates a freeze Mine.

I know that last bit was redundant but it's good if you're just looking for combinations.

Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add, speeding up shots.

User Posted Image

It takes less than a second for a bullet to travel through a wire so this bullet goes in the in-gate shortly after being fired and IMMEDIATELY comes out the out-gate, good for those high pressure situations, or if you're impatient like me :D

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May 5 2013 Anchor

Wow finally someone did it!
I wanted to make one too but i just couldn't figure it out :P

May 6 2013 Anchor

Super-awesome! I love the scaled images and the jokes :). I'll do the usual stuff (pinning, tweeting, Facebook, mentioning, adding to the member area) to make sure people see this.

I've got three things to note, but please take this in the nicest possible way:

  • Maybe you can place the 4th picture (with the generator) closer to the part where you actually explain it. Since it shows a lot of things you haven't introduced yet, it might be a bit confusing at its current place. Totally up to you of course.
  • There is another use to the ice you missed, but it is hard to discover when playing alone ;). I have to say I'm impressed how much of the combos you got right, by the way.
  • "There's no way to change a slot once it's set, so set carefully", there was, but it looks like I accidently removed it. Will be back in the next version.
May 7 2013 Anchor

Ta da! perfect :D

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