Oil Rush is a real-time naval strategy game based on group control. It combines the strategic challenge of a classical RTS with the sheer fun of Tower Defence. Fight the naval war between furious armies across the boundless waters of the post-apocalyptic world. Pump the ever-so-precious black gold by oil rigs, capture platforms and destroy the enemy in the sea and in the air. Be ingenious to unlock super technologies and quick to send your squads straight into the heat of the battle!

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Great fun and shiny graphics but a slight lack of strategic depth.

Realy good graphics and great story, however i bit short.

I miss that the game is not suporting a better online multiplayer feature, that would realy make this game live a bit longer.


Oil Rush has superb gameplay and modern graphics. Despite my initial scepticism regarding the idea of a naval RTS, the game turned out to be a great fun to play.

Respect for the Linux client!

The best graphics for Linux

I give it a 10: excellent game which makes me happy.
The only complaint I can think of is the lack of online lobby or server listing for playing multiplayer.

The most impressive game on Linux by now!

What an amazing game!

the game is golden

Great Game very original.

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