You have the task of finding the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty. Tamriel's previous emperor has been slain, and with no true ruler the gates to Oblivion open and demons begin to invade the people and towns of the empire. It's up to you to find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel.

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The Elder scrolls is one of the best game series in the world!
It is a great RPG, but it is a little simplified from Morrowind. The quests are simple, but great. The graphics is better than Morrowind and are easier to change in the TES Construction SET.

The Story is Great, and it has a lot of side quests!
I love the adventure trough Cyrodill and i recommend the game to everyone who love TES or RPG.

If you think the game is boring, after played it a lot. Try some mods as: Nehrim: at faiths edge. It is an beautiful mod, not actually a MOD, more like a new game made in the TES Engine.

Rating: 10/10! It's a perfect game, and I plays Oblivion and MODs a lot. Try it yourself, but not be a pirate!

TES Construction SET:
The Engine and modding tool is easy to understand. I recommend everyone to at least try the TES Construction SET. BUT! It should be easier making your own quest!
And the Morrowind TES C is much more advanced with even more options.

Rating: 9/10!

Buy it. Play it. Mod it. but never pirate it.

Why this game has 9.1 is a mystery, This is what got me hooked on RPG's I still play it even though its 5 years old, and guess what I STILL haven't beat the whole thing, every time I go out I find a new quest or dungeon, a new goal. for its time the graphics are excellent, for modern times they are okay, and still impressive. People like King of the Guild give this a 1 because they don't stop and look around, they just fast travel, click click click, fast travel. Its not about what you HAVE to do, its about what you CAN do. Even if they are right, does this game deserve a 1?

Here's a review for the 360! version by IGN,

Oblivion had a generic fantasy land and a uninteresting storyline about some big threat that everyone has to band together and blah blah. They basically got rid of the canon Cyrodiil jungle environment and Asian cultural influences for no reason (maybe marketing choice?), and gave us ridiculously repetitious dialogue and creepy staring eyes, auto-leveling of equipment & enemies to match the characters level (which can make the game really easy early on and really hard later on EVERYWHERE), and lots of hand holding that annoys many previous fans. Without much to show for it besides graphical improvement. Skyrim atleast feels fun with its archery, magic, large monster battles, dual wielding and smithing with lore consistent with what we previously knew about Skyrim.

The first time I ever played an Elder Scrolls game was when I bought Oblivion for the PC. Although at first I was a bit lost in the enormous world presented to the player, the quests and the rewarding experience of wandering around seeking treasures was more than enough to present me to one of the most immersible and memorable settings in an RPG.

Quests: 9/10
Sometimes you`ll be wishing that you could have more agency on what you do in the game, but the sheer amount and cleverness of quests quickly compensates for that.
Lore: 10/10
Few games have ever presented such a well-tied together lore (except for the ending of Daggerfall, if you know what I mean)
Landscape 10/10
Terrific, that`s all I have to say.

The gameplay is great and really flexible... Along with the mods that you can download and that I currently have active this game surpasses mos of the new generation games released.

The only lacking thing is speach, it would have been nice if you could talk about some other things than rumours or the area you're in.

I like this game a lot, because you are not being restricted to playing acording to the story line or if you want mods you aren't limited to downloading them... CREATE YOUR OWN!!!! Its a lot of fun to see how much you can experiment with the features of the game.

A few things about the game I like(WITHOUT MODS)
Houses - You can store what ever in there and once you have it, its a free place to sleep.
Weapons - Its all medieval and ancient with a good splash of magic, really makes the game difficult to play, its got very realistic weapon setting. Example - Bow runs out of ammo then you have a problem. Sword - Breaks then you stuck with fists and magic(Runs out after overuse though)
Transport - Pick quick travel to get from point A - B in no time or use your horse and explore the scenery.
Side Quests - There are tons of them, and most of them difficult (If level low)
Graphics - Can be improved with mods or new texture sets, but alone its pretty good for its time.

All in all... This game made me beg for more, and when the Shivering Isles Expansion was released, I almost cried with joy. If you haven't played this game and you plan to, then I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

This Game is Epic.It has everything.Want Major,Sweet,badasss story Lines?It has it,want Some nice Side quests?Got Them.Theirs Millions of Things to Do!Not to mention,If your A mod and Epic Community Lover,
Then Just go Online And search.Theirs Hundreds of communitys, Thousands of mods.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?STOP READING THIS AND GO OUT BY THE ******* AWESOME GAME NOWWWWWWWWWW!

I wish i could erase my memory and start over with this game. Ive done everything possible in this game.

Id do it again if i could.... but i just cant.

Oblivion gets on second place when it comes to the best game of all time. The Elder Scrolls series is the best series of all time. If you're into games with an open fantasy world, this is the perfect game for you. There's not many first person RPG's that got what Oblivion got. You can decide to stop questing awhile and jusr run around and shoot deers or explore some caves, epic freedom.

The graphics are still stunningly perfect. You will love this game if you give it a try. If you're into the whole The Elder Scrolls series then checking out the other titles, especially Morrowind, is also totally worth it.

Oblivion is a great game. Way more simple than Morrowind and the graphics can be captivating.The game can be run on a low-end pc in lowest graphics no problem. The story can be pretty bland at times but most of the time it can be very interesting.The random Oblivion gates get annoying because it ruins the scenery. There are alot of side quests and customizing weapons is cool. This game gets a 10/10

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