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No users, currency is worthless and unable to trade anywhere, and at 1 dollar per 100 NN, a rip off, considering there is NOTHING to do there but area hop, and maybe if your lucky meet some random lifer there.

Don't get me wrong.. if there was some real money invested, some real developers and I don't just mean the one there is now. But a team.. and maybe in another 5 years, with better game engine, and perhaps better animations, and better, well just better everything it might be a real competitor in the market of virtual worlds. But I doubt it. I'd have rated this game a 1, but could not. In all honesty, unless you are really really bored and have absolutely nothing to do, and have been banned from all the other virtual worlds, imvu, sl, inWorldz, what ever.. then ok.. take a look, otherwise.. don't waste your time.


leohobbs says

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This game is just another game that requires you to pay in order to get features too early. The game is a lot like Second Life but it has zero players.

When I entered my private housing area I was able to jump off the balcony into a bottomless fall, the only way I could find to earn credits or NN in this case was to play a game of true or false on the beach site. This only results in 4NN if you are correct, and a car, the only thing worth purchasing in this game, costs 500NN.

You are also limited to one game of True or False ever 24 hours.

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