Though cast in the action/RPG game-play style of Diablo, Nox breaks its mold and offers up more than a few pleasant surprises. The third-person isometric perspective offers a refreshing dose of humor, served up by a slick interface and starring very distinct character classes. Much more than a clone, Nox takes the best the genre had and--for the most part--makes it better. Nox's story of a harmless auto mechanic who gets accidentally sucked into a fantasy world immediately sets this game apart from its dark and dour brethren. Nox is funny, and it's refreshing to play an RPG that tries to put a smile on your face. Game play, dungeons, puzzles, and even the story are slightly altered, depending on Jack's class, giving three separate single-player experiences, all leading to the same final showdown with Hecubah. The quests are typical RPG fare--find this, kill that, rescue these guys--spiced up with puzzles relating to the class's abilities or environment. The Nox team's...

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Jul 24th, 2012

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