Run around in the grim metal corridors, blast aliens and upgrade your equipment, survive.

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it deserves it

This beta was very stable especially since its for the psp. There are, however, a few bugs, like the hole in the floor. But other than those few bugs, the game was great, no, excellent.

THIS GAME IS AMAZING I made it very far with my bro. It is fun and hard only one thing i found wrong was some guns you did not get when you bought them. but the multiplayer works!!!

An excellent arcade game. I played it on my PC and noticed a few minor bugs, but it is a beta after all. I still love the game and can't wait to see future updates. Keep up the great work :)

This game looks cool

Well, I dont need to explain why its epic, just look at it.

This is a nice mod! It is simple, clean and easy to play.
It reminds me a little bit of the Modern Warfare 3 survival, but with the difference you have bugs here.


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